Welcome to ClubOpolis!

Welcome to the largest SimCity 2000 web site!

This web page got a lot of awards way back in 1995 and 1996 and was considered one of the top gaming sites at the time.

Awards this web page has gotten:

The Spring '96 Issue of I-Way Magazine rated the ClubOpolis web page 3rd best games web page for their Annual I-Way 500, Best 500 sites on the web.

Magellan has given this web page a 3-star rating.

Here are what some other people have said about this web page ...

Simon DeVet (rdevet@ra.isisnet.com):
I can say without lying that it is the best page I have seen on the internet, sc2000 or otherwise! Keep up the good work!

Dominic Matthews (dom@lancasta.demon.co.uk):
This is a fantastic page - congratulations!

Kurt & Carol (krtcrl@WOLFE.net):
I just want to say that I think it's the best SC2000 page yet that I've seen.

Mike James (miknfred@ramlink.net):
I think this is the best SimCity 2000 web page I've seen yet.

Sandee Mac (75444.1775@compuserve.com):
VERY, VERY COOL !!! Great job Patrick "Mr. Web Page" Coston !!!

Tom Osaci (osaci@omni.voicenet.com):
Thanks for the great Clubopolis [web] pages!

Brian Anger (russ006@msn.com):
ClubOpolis is the best resource for Sim City 2000 you can find on the net!

James Johnson (nitco.com@nitco.com):

Gabe (gwk@ix.netcom.com):
I have never seen so much information and great stuff for a game ever!

Curtis Law (claw@netzone.com):
This is the most awesome and complete page on the web.

MACe (mace@bridge.net):
I feel you have to know - you have a wonderful www page.

John Abrahamson (jpabrah@ibm.net):
I commend you on the hobby piece, ClubO is a big hit with the crew around here.

John Howard (jthvt@Madriver.com):
Best web page for Maxis games I've ever visited.

Conrad Doudin (conrad@wwi.net):
I saw your SimCity pages and I was very impressed.

Paul Mc Gonigle (pmg@datatex.com):
I have just recently found your page and want to congratulate you on its excellent content.

Mike Calandra (mca@polaris.Sandag.cog.ca.us):
that is some very nice work you did with the ClubOpolis Home Page!

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