From: michael moyo []
Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2004 6:36 PM
I know this will come to you as a surprise,receiving an email from someone like me since you don't know mem personally. Kindly allow me; I am  MIKE ,Moyo, son of Dr. Morgan Moyo, who was murdered in February last year in the land dispute crisis in Zimbabwe.
My family used to live in a town called Chinhoyi  located in the heart of Mashonaland about 120km from Harare, the capital city of my former country Zimbabwe, Chinhoyi was largely a peaceful farming area where one can own land and cultivate it if one worked hard enough. The relative peace existing in Chinhoyi and our lives were shattered with the beginning of the ruling party's sponsored land invasion by war veterans who we suspected  were acting with the backing of the government of Mugabe. My late father was among the few black Zimbabwean rich farmers murdered in cold blood by the agents of the ruling government of President
Robert Mugabe. For his alleged support and sympathy for the Zimbabwean opposition Party. Before his death, My Father on one of  his many trips abroad took me to Johannesburg to deposit the sum of US$35. Million (Thirty Five Million United States Dollars) with a security and finance company as if he foresaw the looming da! nger in Zimbabwe.
The money was deposited with the security company on our arrival in Johannesburg to avoid its seizure and largely for it's safety too.President Mugabe gave this money to my father for investment purpose while they were still in good terms. This land problem arose when President Mugabe who according to my late father, in a desperate bid to hold on to power for life introduced a new land act, which wholly affected the rich farmers who were mostly white and some blacks eventually vehemently condemned the method adopted by the government. And that resulted in rampant killings,lootings and wide scale mob actions by the veterans and some political thugs. Precisely, more than 31 (Thirty-One)people have been killed and as I write to you now, at least 40 white and black families have fled rising violence on their farms in north-western Zimbabwe and about 300 family members had fled by Sunday from about 100 raided farms.Some were flown out on light aircraft to the Kariba ! airport after mobs blocked several roads.
It is against this background that my family and I currently staying in South Africa as asylum seekers, have decided to transfer my father's money into a foreign account.As the eldest son of my late father, I am saddled with the responsibility of seeking an honest individual with vast experience in business to help us safeguard and invest this money. I am presently living in South Africa, as an asylum seeker and financial law of the Republic of South Africa do not allow asylum seekers certain financial rights. In view of this, coupled with the way this money was acquired, I decided to invest this money anywhere else inside or outside Africa, but preferably outside Africa.
From the above you will understand that my entire life and my family depends on this money, as such I shall be very grateful if you can assist me to transfer this money out of South Africa to your company or personal account in your name, in any of the commercial banks.
Please note that by your offering to assist us we willon your contacting me over the phone discuss a suitable compensation for you and also I would like to mention too that this transaction has no risks involved from your end whatsoever and another major thing I demand from you is an honest answer if you have handled any transaction of this kind of magnitude before and assurance from you that our family has your complete trust and assurance that this money will be safe once transferred to your account.
Please I can be reached on my E-mail address to further clarify any other question you may want to ask me. On proving your honesty we will then forward you the lodging documents for our late father's deposit to prove our claim to you
and also for confirmation.
I and my Mother live a very quiet life here in South Africa trying to forget the recent horrors that we escaped so I please demand that you keep the existence of our late father's money discreetly for reasons bordering on the safety of myself and my family members shall be very grateful if you maintain the confidentiality of our request to you forassistance.Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
MIKE  Moyo (Mr)

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