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To search all Stephen King stories, I purchased all his novels, novellas and short-story collections on the eBook reader Kobo.
Kobo can only search one book at a time, so I converted all of the eBooks to text files using PDFMate eBook Converter Professional.
I used Visual Studio Code to search all books and get an easy to read search result, then jump to that occurance in that book.

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I heard that characters with initals R.F. are actually Randall Flagg in disguise.
I searched through all Stephen Books for all names with initials RF, except for Randall Flagg.

Richard Fry, Robert Franq, Ramsey Forrest, Ray Flowers, Rebecca Freemantle, Russell Faraday - The Stand
Reverend Freddy, Roscoe Fisher - The Dead Zone
Roger Fearon - Carrie
Roscoe Fisher - Cujo
Richard Fannin - The Dark Tower III
Randall Fratus - 'Salem's Lot
Richard Folsom - Firestarter
Roger Fenum - The Long Walk
Roger Finney - Desperation
Robert Ford - The Regulators
Richard Farris - Gwendy's Button Box, Gwendy's Magic Feather, Gwendy's Final Task
Radney Foster - Mr. Mercedes
Riley Franklin - The Outsider
Rand Foxworth - Thinner
Rafael Furcal - Black House
Roy Foster, Randi Franklin - Rose Madder
Russ Frame - The Library Police
Raymond Fiegler - Blind Willie
Robert Farnham - Crouch End
Roger Fisher - Head Down
Robert Fornoy - The End of the Whole Mess
Ron Frane - Cain Rose Up
Rudy Foggia - The Jaunt
Royce Flowers - Drunken Fireworks
Randolph Footman - Bag of Bones

Date Created June 6, 2019
Last Updated March 10, 2022