Stephen King: The Aftermath

Stephen King: The Aftermath

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Plot: An Atomic War has destroyed most of humanity. A paramilitary organization known as the Sun Corps has taken over the world. It is run by an omniscient computer named DRAC (Digital Relay Analogue Computer). Larry Talman infiltrates the Corps and destroys DRAC. His girlfriend Reina Durrel dies in the attack. Larry uncovers the truth. The Sun Corps was run by alien spies from the planet Deneb IV. Their goal was to take over the world, but were thwarted by Espers, a group of psychics.

About: King completed this novel on Feb 15, 1963. It's approximately 50,000 words and 76 single-spaced pages. Since Stephen King was born Sep 21, 1947, he was 15 years 4 months and 25 days old. It occurs in the near future. The Atomic War starts August 14, 1967 which is about when he finished writing The Long Walk.

The Aftermath was formerly held at the Special Collections Library at the University of Maine. It is currently being held at Stephen King's house at 47 West Broadway in Bangor, Maine. The archives will be accessible for restricted visits by appointment only. There will not be a museum and nothing will be open to the public. The archives will be available to researchers and scholars.


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