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Books that have characters with writers, or characters who like to write, or characters who want to write:

  1. 1975: 'Salem's Lot - Ben Mears is a writer
  2. 1977: The Shining - Jack Torrance is a writer
  3. 1978: The Stand - Larry Underwood: Song writer, Harold Lauder: writer for his school's paper
  4. 1979: The Long Walk - Harkness (wants to write a book) and Raymond Davis Garraty (good at telling stories)
  5. 1981: Cujo - Steve Kemp is a poet
  6. 1982: Different Seasons: Apt Pupil - Todd Bowden shows a flair for writing
  7. 1982: Different Seasons: The Body - Gordie LaChance: I'm a writer now, like I said
  8. 1985: Skeleton Crew: Word Processor of the Gods - Richard Hagstrom, a middle-aged writer
  9. 1985: Skeleton Crew: The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet - Henry, fiction editor for the struggling Logan's magazine. Henry and Thorpe believe that their typewriters serve as homes for Fornits, tiny elves who bring creativity and good luck
  10. 1986: IT - Bill Denbrough has become a successful writer
  11. 1987: Misery - Paul Sheldon writes novels
  12. 1987: The Tommyknockers - Roberta Anderson (Bobbi) wrote the book The Buffalo Soldiers, and was trying to write another novel
  13. 1989: The Dark Half - Thad Beaumont is a writer
  14. 1998: Bag of Bones - Mike Noonan is a novelist
  15. 1990: Four Past Midnight: Secret Window, Secret Garden - Mort Rainey is a successful novelist in Maine
  16. 1990: Four Past Midnight: The Langoliers - Robert Jenkins (Bob), the mystery writer
  17. 1993: Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Rainy Season - John Graham writing book on the in-migration of the French during the seventeenth century
  18. 1993: Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Dedication - Peter Jefferies, a prejudiced writer
  19. 1993: Nightmares & Dreamscapes: The End of the Whole Mess - Howard Fornoy is a writer
  20. 1996: Desperation - Johnny Marinville is a writer
  21. 2002: Everything's Eventual: 1408 - Mike Enslin is a writer of non-fiction works based on the theme of haunted places
  22. 2002: Everything's Eventual: The Road Virus Heads North - Richard Kinnell is a successful horror writer
  23. 2006: Lisey's Story - Lisey Landon is the widow of a famous novelist named Scott Landon
  24. 2007: Blaze - John Cheltzman was beginning to write stories
  25. 2009: Under The Dome - Carolyn Sturges wanted was a career as a teacher, writer, and novelist
  26. 2010: Full Dark No Stars: Big Driver - Tess is a cozy mystery writer
  27. 2011: 11-22-63 - Jake Epping worked on a novel in the evenings that called The Murder Place
  28. 2015: Finders Keepers - John Rothstein is a famous writer
  29. 2017: Gwendy's Button Box - Gwendy Peterson thinks she might have a novel in her
  30. 2020: If It Bleeds: Rat - Drew Larson is a writer and academic who has published several short stories but has been unable to complete a novel
  31. 2021: Later - Regis Thomas writes best-selling romance novels set in the Roanoke Colony
  32. 2021: Billy Summers - Bill Summers's cover story is that he is a writer named David Lockridge
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Last Updated April 12, 2023