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Artwork created by Layblack on Fiverr

My plan is to have all of these characters on the road, each picture reenacting a scene and placed in chronological order.
Eventually I'll add some grass in the foreground and in the background, I'll have bushes and trees on the left, then add more and more crowd to the right.
There will also be a sky and some rain clouds near the middle. It will tell the basic story from left to right.

I tried to be as accurate as possible, paying attention to every description of every character, but I forgot to give Garraty and McVries watches.

Curley #7 - head shot off
Stebbins #88 - walking through Curley's blood
Barkovitch #5 - rips out own throat
Ewing #9 - blisters from P.F. Flyers - running
Zuck #100 - bloody knee
McVries #61 - trying to pick a fight with soldiers
Percy #31 - shot while trying to run into the woods
Olson #70 - walking like a zombie or guts hanging out
Scramm #85 - pneumonia
Pearson - got sick
Parker - standing over soldier he shot with rifle
Baker #3 - nose bleed
The Major
Garraty #47, The Major and The Dark Figure
The Dark Figure

Click on an image to see the full-size version. You can also download a zip file of the individual images.

Below are the individual images. They are transparent PNG files, so you can combine them any way you want. Click on them to see the full sized images.

Date Created November 9, 2018
Last Updated July 21, 2019