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Number First Last Name Descriptive Excerpts
1 (First) Aaronson A short, chunky farmboy with a sunburned neck gangled forward, obviously awed by the Major's presence, and took his large plastic 1. Connections: Bedilia Aaronson in Dedication, Scotty Aaronson in The Shining
2 (First) Abraham It was Abraham, 2. Nickname: Abe A tall boy with reddish hair in jeans and a T-shirt. His jacket was tied about his waist schoolboy style and flapped wildly around his knees. "Why not?" A deep, somber voice said. It was Abraham, 2. He was tall and disjointed-looking; he walked in a perpetual shamble. Abraham's skin was fish-belly white. Abraham looked more like a convict with his shirt off. "Fourscore and seven years ago," Abraham intoned, and for an eerie moment it was as if a spirit had inhabited seventeen-year-old Abraham. I was a Prime Walker, sixteenth out of the drum, as a matter of fact. It was Abraham, looking like a victim of the Bataan March. For some inconceivable reason he had shucked both his jacket and his shirt, leaving his bony chest and stacked ribcage bare. "Why'd you take off your shirt?" he asked Abraham suddenly. "It was making my skin itch. It was raising hives or something. It was a synthetic, maybe I have an allergy to synthetic fibers Religious: "I'll hit you!" Abraham warned. His face was very pale. "I will, Pete!" "A praaayin' man!" McVries gibed, and he giggled again. "Oh my suds and body! Oh my sainted hat!" "I get Marilyn Monroe," McVries said. "You can have Eleanor Roosevelt, Abe old buddy." Abraham and Collie Parker were lackadaisically discussing the merits of four-barrel carbs.
3 Arthur Baker He had pressed his number 3 onto the right breast of his shirt. Nicknames: Art, Baker, Cracker (called by Barkovitch, and Stebbins) "I'm Art Baker," the other said quietly. Baker ambled along, moving in a kind of knee-bent shuffle that seemed to cover the ground when you weren't looking. He swung his coat idly, smiled at the pointing people, and sometimes whistled a low snatch of some tune or other. Garraty thought he looked like he could go on forever. In the fading daylight, Baker's face was soft and young and beautiful. Baker was up ahead—he could tell it was him by the flapping red-striped shirt He spoke with a very slight Southern accent. Pearson and Baker were talking about chess Con Artist: "And I usually don't match dimes with guys that call me that," Baker had his vial of olives—real olives—and was popping them into his mouth with machine-gun regularity. Baker said, slinging his light jacket over his arm. the boy to his right was much chubbier than Art Baker. (implying that Art Baker was a little chubby) The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins ... that's my favorite book Poor: "You might be if you grew up on potato soup and collards," Baker sid. "Sidemeat only when your daddy could afford the ammunition." I had a brother that was in law trouble Baker was wearing his jacket, and it was soaked. Ask your cracker friend, Art Baker. Connections: Mr. Baker in The Sun Dog, La Vern Baker in You Know They Got a Hell of a Band, Jared Baker in The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet Darrel Baker in The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, pulper named Baker in Uncle Otto's Truck, Randy Baker in 11-22-63 Howard Baker in The Dead Zone, Sheriff John Baker in The Stand, Any Baker in The Tommyknockers, Ron Baker in Thinner
4 James Baker "Baker, James," the Major said. the other Baker (James) bought a ticket. Connections: See Arthur Baker above
5 Gary Barkovitch 5 looked insulted. Nickname: Killer I'm Gary Barkovitch, by the way. My home is Washington, D.C. It was a small dark, intense-looking boy with the number 5 pressed to the collar of his jacket. Dark, intense, his olive-sallow face shiny with sweat He stared at Garraty with his hooded dark brown eyes There were three of them in a fatigue-ridden conga line: Barkovitch at the front You have to pace yourself. You have to focus on yourself. You have to have a Plan. "Spoils the Walkers' concentration," a sharp voice said. Short: Garraty looked down at Gary Barkovitch. The guns were centered on a small, nearly portly figure. It looked like Barkovitch. Barkovitch had put on a yellow vinyl rainhat He pressed his thumb reflectively against the end of his rather sharp nose. There was a bright red pimple there. Barkovitch looked slowly around at Garraty with his bright black shoebutton eyes. Yes, he looked remarkably like some destructive child's teddy bear this morning. Racist: Barkovitch joined them. Barkovitch was looking at Ewing, too. "Blisters!" He made it sound like Ewing's mother was a whore. "What the hell can you expect from a dumb nigger? Now I ask you." "That guy drives me up the wall," Pearson said. "He'd be glad to hear it," McVries said. "He likes it.
7 (First) Curley this time the word was about a boy named Curley, number 7. Olson jerked his thumb at a skinny, gangling boy in bluejeans. Curley had been trying to cultivate sideburns. The sideburns had failed. His lean and earnest face was now set in lines of terrific concentration Connections: Curley from 11-22-63
8 (First) Davidson Davidson, 8, dropped back with them. He was a good-looking boy except for the rash of acne on his forehead. Assuming he is from Ohio because he would go to the Steubenville State Fair, which is in Ohio A few minutes later Davidson joined the group and told them about the times he got drunk at the Steubenville State Fair and crawled into the hoochie-kooch tent and got biffed in the head by a big fat momma wearing nothing but a G-string. He had had a packsack the last time Garraty saw him, but he noticed that at some point Davidson had cast it away. Connections: Ella Davidson from The Breathing Method, Jason Davidson from The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, Orval Davidson in The Tommyknockers, Note: Harley-Davidson is mentioned 95 times in 20 books up to year 2020.
9 (First) Ewing This time the word was that number 9, Ewing, had developed blisters and had been warned twice. Hint 3: Do not, repeat, do not wear sneakers. Nothing will give you blisters faster than sneakers on a Long Walk. What in the name of God had Ewing been thinking about when he put on those P.F. Flyers? So black he looks sorta blue? The back of his T-shirt, startlingly white against his black skin, Garraty could see the big muscles in his back ripple as he walked. He's from Texas. Connections: Mrs. Ewing in The Body
12 (First) Fenter 12 was a boy named Fenter who was wearing a souvenir T-shirt which read I RODE THE MT. WASHINGTON COG RAILWAY. He walked around Fenter. Looking down he saw something glittering in Fenter's hand. A St. Christopher's medal.
13 (First) Fenum halfhearted bets had gone round to the effect that Olson would be the fiftieth to buy a ticket, the halfway boy. But he hadn't. That signal honor had gone to 13, Roger Fenum. Unlucky old 13.
? Charlie Field The guns roared. A boy named Charlie Field bowed out of the Walk. Connections: Bob Beal Field in Head Down, Tonney Field in Cell, Don Field in Duma Key
? George Fielder When they crossed into Massachusetts, they were seven: Garraty, Baker, McVries, a struggling, hollow-eyed skeleton named George Fielder, ... George Fielder came abruptly to life. His skull-head turned slowly this way and that on his pipestem neck. "They're going to eat us up," he muttered. "They're gonna fall in on us and eat us up." They're gonna eat us up! Eat us up! Eatusup! Up! Up! Eatusupeatusup—" "Eatusupeatusupeatusup—" Garraty could not even hear the gunshots when Fielder bought out
31 Percy (Last) "Percy! Percy!" It was 31. His jeans-clad legs moved unhurriedly. His sun-bleached blond hair ruffled just a little in a light puff of breeze. And one, two, three coin-shaped splatters of blood fell on Percy's travel-dusty black shoes A bright seepage of blood ran through his fingers, shining in the sunlight. Old Percy What's-Your-Name. "He was awful young to be on this hike," Baker said sadly. "If he was fourteen, I'll smile'n' kiss a pig." Connections: Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile, Percy Sledge from Autopsy Room Four, Percy the fish in The Jaunt, Percy from Duma Key
38 ? Warning! Warning 38! a redhead with a plaid shirt tied around his waist tears cutting runnels through the sweaty dirt on his face, red hair glinting like a fire in the sun. The back treads of the halftrack ran over his legs.
45 ? tall boy in a ridiculous loden-green trenchcoat. It flapped around his knees. He was an extremely ugly boy, with the number 45 pressure-taped to his coat.
47 Raymond Davis Garraty When his turn came, the Major gave him number 47 and told him "Good luck." Nicknames: Old chum (Stebbins), dear boy (McVries), boy (McVries) "That's you, boy. Rise and shine." GARRATY RAYMOND DAVIS RD 1 POWNAL MAINE ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY ID NUMBER 49-801-89 OK-OK-OK a tall, well-built boy wearing a faded army fatigue jacket Garraty unzipped his fatigue jacket. He nervously unbuckled his belt Although he was only sixteen, Ray Garraty knew something about guilt. Garraty ran both hands through the straw-thatch of his hair. weighs "Hundred and sixty." number seventy-three out of the drum Prime walker His father with the heavy shock of hair he himself had inherited "My dad was Squaded," Garraty said Garraty had never seen his father since. It had been eleven years. I had a brother, Jeff. He died of pneumonia when he was six, and—it's cruel—but I don't know how we'd've gotten along if he'd've lived. "I hate beer," Garraty said "Garraty flapped his thin arms" From downstate. He had lived in Maine all his life, in a little town called Porterville, just west of Freeport. Population 970 and not so much as a blinker light "Keep goin', boy!" the other yelled. "I got ten bucks on you at twelve-to-one!" Main's Own Food: tube of processed tuna fish, a few Snappy Crackers with cheese spread Connections: Raymond Garraty in Bag of Bones
48 (First) Gribble It belonged to a bulletheaded boy named Gribble number 48. Gribble looked at him through the stringy bangs of black hair It was Gribble, the radical among them frightened figure in a sweaty white shirt and cord pants.
49 (First) Harkness I'm Harkness. Number 49. wore glasses and had a crewcut. Harkness's face was red and sweaty. He stopped, kneeled, and fumbled off his loafer. his fiery complexion had faded to the color of cream, except for two garish spots of color, one on each cheek. Connections: Buck Harkness in Home Delivery
? Bill Hough you pronounce that Huff Connections: Tammy Hough in Gerald's Game, Carl Hough in The Stand, Donald Hough in Blaze
? (First) Jensen Jensen ran in a huge, rambling circle, eyes covered, feet stumbling and rebounding against each other, in a total panic. Connections: Jensen from The Little Green God of Agony, Belinda Jensen in End of Watch
59 (First) Klingerman The boy with the hurting side was 59, Klingerman. Connections: Dr. Klingerman in The Tommyknockers, Dave Klingerman in Apt Pupil
60 (First) Larson Up ahead, a boy named Larson, 60, suddenly sat down on the road. I'm just resting. A guy can't walk all the time. Not all the time. Can he, fellas? Connections: Uncle Larson in Gramma, Poul Larson in Doctor Sleep, Bill Larson in If It Bleeds, Buzzy and Drew Larson in RAT
61 Peter McVries Peter McVries was 61. Nicknames: Petie (family), Scarface (Barkovitch) "I'll dance on your grave, scarface! I'll—", Moon-June "Moon-June was my middle name." There were three of them in a fatigue-ridden conga line: McVries with his head slumped McVries looked rather more than that—he looked awesomely fit. The other boy, the dark-haired one He had a bad scar along one cheek. even my little sister Katrina. She's only four. Weight: I'm one-sixty-seven. The black hair and the white scar etched against his tanned face made him look like a weathered he waved and smiled his thin-lipped smile. Has a watch: What time is it, McVries? Catholic: ""Hail Mary," McVries muttered." math was my good subject in school "You ever know any Indians?" Baker asked quietly. "Not unless they came from Passaic," McVries said. Ex-Girlfriend: Her name was Priscilla So we got jobs working for a pajama factory in New Jersey. Has a Napsack: Petie, you better go upstairs and get your Boy Scout pack. Napsack contents: - Macaroons: "McVries sighed deeply, and unshouldered his knapsack and pulled out some macaroons." - Fresh shirt and raw hamburger: "A fresh shirt," McVries said. "And some raw hamburger." - toothbrush: McVries had produced a toothbrush of all things from his small packsack and was busy dry-brushing his teeth. - cigarettes: McVries fumbled in his pocket and came up with a package of Mellow cigarettes. - book of matches: He found a book of matches with a tomato sauce recipe on it. Connections: Peter McVries in The Wind Through the Keyhole
64 Frank Morgan it was 64, a pleasant, smiling boy named Frank Morgan. Connections: Uncle Morgan in Black House, George Morgan in From A Buick 8, George Morgan in Gwendy's Button Box Scooter Morgan in IT, Lester Morgan in Pet Sematary, Michaela Morgan in Sleeping Beauties, Uncle Morgan in The Talisman Jack "Dutchy" Morgan in The Shining
70 Henry Olson Hank Olson was 70. Nickname from McVries: old buddy "What's wrong with graveyards, Henry, old buddy?" Nickname from McVries: Hank dear "Do you believe in true love, Hank dear?" Nickname from McVries: Booby "Is that what's bugging you, booby?" Nickname from McVries: Pickles "Oh, pickles," Nickname from McVries: Bo "Wha choo say, bo?" Nickname from McVries: Ethiopian jug-rammer "The Transcendental Quality of Love, a lecture by the noted philosopher and Ethiopian jug-rammer Henry Olson," Olson had lost his jacket somewhere; the arms that poked out of his short shirtsleeves were bony and as thin as pencils. Catholic: "Olson was saying a Hail Mary." Connections: Olson in Doctor Sleep, Millie Olson in Sleeping Beauties, Lester Olson in The Ten O'Clock People
? Collie Parker Parker was a big-muscled blond in a polo shirt. He had an insolent look in his eye that not even a night on the road had been able to knock out. Parker was a bastard. Parker was a big drugstore cowboy and Saturday night tough guy. Parker was a leather jacket hero. guts all over his torn khaki shirt and blue jeans. Abraham and Collie Parker were lackadaisically discussing the merits of four-barrel carbs. The word on Collie Parker was that he was one mean son of a bitch. From Joliet IL: Ain't no smog in Joliet, you fucking hick, Connections: Jean and Alan Parker in Riding the Bullet, Mr. Parker in The Langoliers, Mrs. Parker in Dedication Johnny Parker in Drunken Fireworks, Ollie Parker in Cycle of the Werewolf, Charlie Parker in Black House Robert Parker in Dreamcatcher, Johny Parker in From A Buick 8, Dorothy Parker in Mr. Mercedes, John Parker in Thinner Adele Parker in Revival, Parker Nason in The Stand, Speedy Parker in The Talisman, Eddie Parker in The Tommyknockers
? Bruce Pastor "Major buggers his mother before breakfast," Bruce Pastor said
? (First) Pearson He hitched up his pants. He was wearing jeans that were too big for him and he hitched up his pants often. He wore horn-rimmed glasses with lenses like the bottoms of Coke bottles Pearson squinted at his watch. Pearson and Baker were talking about chess "Who asked you, long, tall and ugly?" Barkovitch said. "He took a penny out of one pocket and put it in the other. "I brought along ninety-nine pennies. Every time someone buys a ticket, I put one of'em in the other pocket." He had lost his shoes. The dirty white athletic socks on his feet made gray-white arcs in the darkness. Connections: Brandon Pearson in The Ten O'Clock People, Dave Pearson in Desperation, Bob Pearson in Finders Keepers, Doc Pearson in IT
? (First) Rank a squat, ugly boy with the unfortunate name of Rank.
? (First) Rattigan a tallish, muscular fellow named Rattigan
85 (First) Scramm Scramm, 85, did not fascinate Garraty because of his flashing intelligence, because Scramm wasn't all that bright. He didn't fascinate Garraty because of his moon face, his crew cut, or his build, which was mooselike. He fascinated Garraty because he was married. And you're in shape, too, anyone can see that. He's built like a buffalo Hey Ma! Look at the big guy! Look at that moose, Ma! Odds-on favorite Age almost 17: "How old's Cathy?" "About a year older than me. Almost eighteen. Nickname: Beaver-brains over there. (Barkovitch) Nickname: "Married! MARRIED? ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT NUMBSKULL IS—" (Barkovitch) Nickname: "WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING, NUMBNUTS, PLAYING GIN RUMMY?" (Barkovitch) Most teeth are gone: Scramm smiled, showing the stubborn last survivors of his teeth. "He had stripped off his shirt and bared his shaggy torso." "Those boys are from my neck of the woods," (Joe and Mike are from New Mexico) Naw, it's the pollen. Happens every spring. Hay fever. I even get it in Arizona. Her folks are with her now, there in Phoenix. I dropped out of school when I was fourteen. Married: I wanted to marry Cathy anyway. / How old were you? / fifteen.
? Bobby Sledge Bobby Sledge tried to scutter quietly into the crowd under the cover of the dark and the driving rain. Connection: Percy Sledge in Autopsy Room Four, Frank Sledge in Mr. Mercedes
88 (First) Stebbins Stebbins was 88. Nickname: The lean Buddha "Stebbins the lean Buddha." Age 17: "I saw the end four years ago," Stebbins said. "I was thirteen." He was skinny and blond, wearing purple pants and a blue chambray shirt under an old green zip sweater with holes in the elbows. Stebbins's pale blue eyes stared into the falling rain. Stebbins got up and ambled to the rear of the ten wide, ten deep queue. brushed the hair off his forehead his blond hair flapping around his ears like a sickly halo. his thin, fuzzed face "I'm saving the tennis shoes," Stebbins said, "just in case. But I think the mocs will finish it." The Major is my father, Garraty!
? (First) Toland Up ahead Toland fainted and was shot after the soldier left beside him had warned his unconscious body three times.
? (First) Travin Finally Travin half-squatted, half-fell, and the soldiers shot him with his pants down.
92 (First) Tressler A boy named Tressler, 92, had a sunstroke and was shot as he lay unconscious.
93 (First) Tubbins Number 93—Garraty didn't know his name—walked past him on Garraty's right. He was staring down at his feet and his lips moved soundlessly as he counted his paces. He was weaving slightly. Tubbins was a short boy with glasses and a faceful of freckles. He wore hip-hanging bluejeans that he had been constantly hitching up. Tubbins had gone insane. He had turned his face up into it, and the rain dripped off his specs onto his cheeks and over his lips and down off the end of his blunted chin.
94 (First) Wayne The attendant was calling encouragement to Wayne, 94 Two more of them had gone down between eight-thirty and nine; one of them had been the Wayne
97 Marty Wyman Yannick, 98, was discussing the ancestry of the soldiers on the halftrack in an overloud voice with Wyman, 97. Collie Parker was swapping girls with Wyman. At 11:40 Marty Wyman bought his hole. Connections: Bill Wyman in Sneakers, Stephanie Wyman in The Dead Zone
98 (First) Yannick Yannick, 98, was discussing the ancestry of the soldiers on the halftrack in an overloud voice with Wyman, 97. Yannick was singing at a whisper level, soft and very much off-key. At 5:25 Yannick bought his ticket. Connections: George Yannick in Rage
100 (First) Zuck Number 100 was a red-headed fellow with a volcanic complexion. His name was Zuck. He was following the trail of Zuck's blood Zuck ran up the next rise, and for a moment he was starkly silhouetted against the red sky
? Quincy or Quentin (Last) A few minutes later the guns rammed their steel-death sound into the night. This time it was a short boy in a flapping red and white football jersey. it was a boy named Quincy or Quentin or something like that. Connections: Glenn Quentin in Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, Quentin in Uncle Otto's Truck, Dr. Quentin in Cujo and The Dead Zone
? Harold Quince a gangling, evil-faced boy named Harold Quince eventually leaving the sinister-faced Harold Quince to lead the parade. part of the Vanguard "Is little uggy-wuggy gonna tell Mommy?" Quince called back. "Ahhhh, Barkovitch, ain't that too bad?" "It was Barkovitch or Quince," Pearson said.
? (First) Milligan A shifty-eyed Walker named Milligan saved them all by falling to his knees then Milligan was mercifully blasted. Connections: Spike Milligan in Big Wheels
? Gallant "That was Gallant," Baker said, looking back. "He's been walking dead all day." Connections: Jamie Gallant in The Body, Richie Gallant in The Outsider
? Mike and Joe Two of them were wearing identical leather jackets, with what looked like eagles on the back. The vanguard was in plain sight: two tall, tanned boys with black leather jackets tied around their waists. He strode away, up to where the leather boys, Mike and Joe, were pacing the group. "They come from New Mexico," Baker said. And I'll be goddamned if they don't look like brothers. They're Hopis. They're proud. And poor. And they know how to die. Mike, of Mike and Joe, the leather boys, had been struck suddenly with gut cramps. He sped up until he had caught up with Mike and Joe, with their impassive faces and their worn leather jackets. Mike said something in his own language. the survivor of the two leather boys. Joe. Closer to, his complexion was startlingly bronzed. His eyes stared steadily at the horizon, and his features were expressionless. The many zippers on his jacket jingled, like the sound of faraway music. "Son of a bitch," McVries said softly. "It was Joe."
? ? a boy in a black turtleneck sweater suddenly had a convulsion. He was being second-warned, but of course he was beyond hearing, and when his two minutes were up they shot him like a dog.
? ? The guns came down and bore on one of the loners he had been looking at, a short, stoutish boy who was wearing a battered green silk vest. The boy in the green silk vest had bought a ticket, and he was staring up at the sun.
? ? They looked and saw a boy in a blue sweater and dirty white clamdiggers lying facedown in a puddle of water. One of his shoes had come off. Garraty saw he had been wearing white athletic socks. Hint 12 recommended them.
? ? An apple-cheeked Walker in a droopy blue sweater dropped through them, bringing the word back.

Other characters

Name Descriptive Excerpts
The Major He was a tall, straight man with a deep desert tan that went well with his simple khakis. A pistol was strapped to his Sam Browne belt, and he was wearing reflector sunglasses. The Major always showed up on time. It was rumored that the Major's eyes were extremely light-sensitive, and he was never seen in public without his sunglasses. the Major's tanned face, the salt-and-pepper mustache, the mirrored sunglasses Up close he smelled very masculine and somehow overpowering.
Mrs. Garraty Ray's mother His mother was also tall, but too thin. Her breasts were almost nonexistent: token nubs. Her eyes were wandering and unsure, somehow shocked. Her face was an invalid's face. Her iron-colored hair had gone awry under the complication of clips that was supposed to hold it in place. Her dress hung badly on her body as if she had recently lost a lot of weight. black coat: "His mother was beside her, wearing her plain black coat." "shabby black coat" He thought now of the patterns of light and shadow on the nearly perfect oval of her face, the way she walked, the lift and fall of her voice, the easy, desirable swing of one hip And her face, so huge and beautiful, like the face of an actress on a movie screen.
Jim Garraty Ray's father His father with the heavy shock of hair he himself had inherited, and the big, meaty truck-driver's shoulders. His father had been built like a fullback. "His father had been a sandy-haired giant with a booming voice and a bellowing laugh" "he made a living driving Government trucks out of Brunswick" "And Jim Garraty had not been much of a Long Walk booster. So one day he got a telegram and the next day two soldiers turned up on the doorstep and Jim Garraty had gone with them" My father drove a rig before he got ... (squaded) After he lost his own rig, he made a living driving Government trucks out of Brunswick.
Jeff Garraty Ray's brother the time they took his little brother's sled I had a brother, Jeff. He died of pneumonia when he was six
Janice Garraty's girlfriend Nickname: Jan Jan had long hair, almost to her waist. She was sixteen. Jan's good-humored Polish face and her dark hair that streamed nearly to her waist. He was thinking about Jan, who had come up from Connecticut, who had seemed so smooth and self-confident, with her long blond hair and her flat shoes. She almost always wore flats because she was so tall. Her small feet. Her sturdy but completely feminine legs—small calves swelling to full earthy peasant thighs. Her waist was small, her breasts full and proud. The intelligent, rounded planes of her face. Her long blond hair. Whore's hair he thought it for some reason. She was waving the blue silk scarf he had gotten her for her birthday, and the rain shimmered in her hair like gems. She almost always wore flats because she was so tall. the tawny caramel-colored sweater and her cranberry-red slacks
Percy's mom The blue kerchief. The belligerent, gleaming eyes. Even the navy dress with the crooked hem. "I want m'boy!" she hollered. "I want m'boy!"
Carolyn Garraty's ex-girlfriend Once he had dated a girl who lived on Brickyard Hill, a girl named Carolyn. She was married now. Carolyn had nice breasts, she often wore cashmere sweaters
Jimmy Owens Garraty's childhood friend He had been five and Jimmy had been five and Jimmy's mother had caught them playing Doctor 's Office in the sandpit behind Jimmy's house. The next year he had hit Jimmy Owens in the mouth with the barrel of his Daisy air rifle while they were playing guns and Jimmy had to have four stitches in his upper lip. Connections: Dave Owens in Mrs. Todd's Shortcut
Dr. Patterson Mrs. Garraty's special friend He's a diagnostician, and he's got a wicked logical mind. He said, "Look here, Ray. Figuring in the Prime group and the backups, your chance of survival is fifty-to-one." Connections: Floyd Patterson in Low Men in Yellow Coats, Janey Patterson in Finders Keepers, Marjorie Patterson in End of Watch old man Patterson in Misery, James, Miz, Janelle, Janey Patterson in Mr. Mercedes, the Patterson place in RAT
Dom L'Antio He was a caricature Italian man, a small guy with a battered felt hat and a black mustache that curled up at the ends. He was waving and grinning with incredibly white, incredibly square teeth. DOM L'ANTIO LOVES ALL LONG WALKERS—FREE WATERMELON!!!
Reggie Cotter It used to be Lisbon Street, but now it's Cotter Memorial Avenue. Reggie Cotter was the only guy from Maine to ever win the Long Walk.
Cathy Scramm's wife Cathy's pregnant right now. Cathy's smart enough for both of us. Cathy finished high school. I made her finish. Cathy's a peach.
Katrina McVries McVries' 4-year old sister And just about the next thing any of us knew, we were on that plane, even my little sister Katrina. She's only four. And I think Katrina was the only who really understood. She kept saying "Petie's going on an adventure."
Mr. and Mrs. Elwell Garraty's neighbors He had been helping their next-door neighbors, the Elwells, get in their hay.
Priscilla McVries' girlfriend Nickname: Pris Yesterday morning Pris was still very important to me. Now she's nothing.
Miss Petrie Garraty's teacher the district spell-master wasn't Miss Petrie, who let you take it back. Softhearted Miss Petrie. Connections: Miss Petrie in Gerald's Game, June, Henry, Mark Petrie in 'Salem's Lot, Sally Petrie in Cujo Glenn Petrie in Thinner, Mark Petrie in The Dark Tower V, VI, VII
Ralph Peter McVries coworker at pajama factor Ralph on the picker couldn't make piecework because I wasn't shifting enough bags over to him.
Eddie Klipstein Garraty's friend One of Garraty's friends, Eddie Klipstein, saw it happen. He held kids in thrall for six weeks, Eddie Klipstein did, telling them about how the car hit Freaky D'Allessio's bike
George D'Allessio Garraty's friend Nickname: Freaky all the kids in the neighborhood called him Freaky because his eyes didn't quite jibe ... Freaky was killed by a car on U.S. 1 outside of Freeport.
Davey Popham Art Baker's Friend who could light the biggest fart, and this hairy-assed old boy named Davey Popham had managed to burn off almost all the hair on his ass and the small of his back as well.
Aunt Hattie Art Baker's Aunt My Aunt Hattie had nine kids. She looks just like my Aunt Hattie. She used to like to go to funerals
Don Art Baker's uncle "He was an undertaker," Baker said. Actually, nobody buried him. He wanted to be cremated."
Betty After Garraty poops. This is it, Betty, I told you we had something special in the game room
Art Baker's grandfather My grandfather was a lawyer in Shreveport.
Art Baker's brother "I had a brother that was in law trouble," Baker said. "Not the Government, just the law. He was only three years older than me. He's dead now. He had a heart attack
Girl that Garraty kissed A pretty girl of about sixteen in a white blouse and red-checked pedal pushers was holding up a big Magic Marker sign: GO-GO-GARRATY NUMBER 47 We Love You Ray "Maine's Own."
Girl that Gribble kissed Two girls stood beside a battered MG at the bottom of one dip. They were wearing tight summer shorts, middy blouses, and sandals. There were cheers and whistles. The faces of these girls were hot, flushed, and excited by something ancient, sinuous, and, to Garraty, erotic almost to the point of insanity. He felt animal lust rising in him, an aggressively alive thing that made his body shake with a palsied fever all its own.
One old lady stood frozenly
beneath a black umbrella
neither waving nor speaking nor smiling. She watched them go by with gimlet eyes. There was not a sign of life or movement about her except for the wind-twitched hem of her black dress. On the middle finger of her right hand she wore a large ring with a purple stone. There was a tarnished cameo at her throat.
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