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Submitted by Redditor twindrillz:

He hasn't been doing so well.

He was tackled and sedated after he tried to run toward the dark figure, and later hospitalized due to the injuries he sustained during the walk. Of course, no amount of medical assistance would fix the trauma he went through.

He became obsessed with the Walk. When he volunteered to become a spokesperson for the Walk, the Major accepted him, willing to have another supporter of the cause. Now he encourages boys like him to play the game, eager to tell them that "there's still so far to walk". Ironically, he himself cannot walk very well due to past physical trauma.

On another note-He missed McVries too much. He broke up with Jan and struggled to find someone else since. He remains closeted, fearful of what could happen if they found out.

Submitted by Redditor Psychic_Marcie:

They sit down at the same time when it got to the last 4 or 5 people and wasted themselves in front of a winner, just an act of defiance that would ultimately make it all less sad.

The soldiers would argue among themselves for awhile in mass confusion to make it all more dramatic, before just killing them all and dealing with the fallout from the public, while trying to cover it up so it didn't happen again in the future.

Submitted by Don S: I'd change the ending a bit. Garraty started to run. Quite allegorical. But what was next. Did he get his reward? What was it?
... Garraty stumbled and fell dead. Almost dead. Half dead. Some time passed. Garraty knew, he had to wake up and go. Just go for Christ sake. But then he felt pain. That was the same blonde soldier, kicking his head with his heavy army boot. 'Wake up Garraty' - he yelled. 'This is your third warning. Third warning Forty Seven, ha ha get up, you stupid asshole'. Garraty opened his eyes. He saw the blue sky. He saw someone's smiling face above him. Garraty could also see his reflection in the dark sun glasses. 'Garraty you are the lucky winner, my boy' - Major said. 'It is time to claim your reward. What do you wish for, Garraty. Tell us.' 'Ehhh ehh' - Garraty couldn't say a word. 'I want... ehh ehh, I want to dyeeee' Garraty whispered. The crowd roared - 'Kill the MF' 'Major, please just kill me, that will be the greatest reward I could ever wished for'. 'What ever you ask' - Major said quietly, and made a wide smile. Garraty could see his golden teeth.
Submitted by Elmin:

And when the hand touched his shoulder again, he somehow found the strength to run.

The crowd roared in bewilderment. He, the nearly dead boy who had walked for so many days non-stop, had incredibly started to run. It was a slow, stuttering, stumbling run, but a run nonetheless.

Garraty chased the dark figure ahead of him, and he could finally make out who it was. It was McVries. It was Baker, Abraham, Pearson and Olson. It was his father. The dark figure was everyone he'd ever lost, and he was ready to join them now. Join them in death. He fell to the ground, at last.

There were soldiers, now paramedics, running towards him. But he didn't notice them. Ray Garraty was finally on the other side.

Submitted by me:

And when the hand touched his shoulder again, he somehow found the strength to run.

As he approached the dark figure, it came slowly into focus. It was his mother. She was wearing the plain black coat she wore in Freeport. He could see her iron-colored hair.

In a shambling run, he embraced her. "It's over Garraty. You can stop now."

But panic consumed him. He had to keep walking. Had to. He pushed her away, and shambled on. He didn't want his mom to get an interference ticket

Suddenly someone was walking with him. "Where ya going stranger?" He looked over with blurry eyes and noticed the blonde hair. "Stebbins? I thought you bought the farm. I thought ..."

Garraty, my love, it's Jan.

Jan? You're in this too?

No my love, you're done. You don't need to walk anymore.

Am I dead?

You're alive! alive!


You can stop now. You can rest in my arms.

Garraty slowed ... the confusion slowly clearing. "Jan!"

They embraced. They cried. "Can I sit down now?"

Jan helped him down to the cold wet road since he knees would no longer bend in that way, and they lay together, looking into each others eyes, until Garraty fell asleep.

Date Created July 10, 2019
Last Updated October 10, 2022