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The Long Walk Sequel: The Longer Walk

  • Katrina at 2 years old. Peter fails the physical test for The Long Walk.
  • Katrina at 3 years old. Peter passes the physical and mental test but is not picked in the lottery.
  • Katrina at 4 years old. Peter is picked. He is Prime Backup 12.
  • Katrina, Peter and family fly to Maine and drive Peter to the start on May 1st and say good bye.
  • Katrina and her parents stay at the Presque Isle Motel and watch news coverage of The Long Walk on TV.
  • The Long Walk passes through Presque Isle and Peter sees his family.
  • Katrina and her parents watch Peter get his ticket on TV, then watch Garraty win.
  • They saw how Peter and Garraty were best friends.
  • Garraty makes the rounds to visit wife of Scramm, and the families of Baker, McVries, Olson, etc.
  • Katrina age 16, girls are now allowed to enter The Long Walk. Katrina has a free pass because of the family Rule since her brother was in the walk. Garraty talks her out of it.
  • Garraty says he will train Katrina and says she should enter when she's 18 when she's ready.
  • It's 14 years later 1992
  • McVries' 4 year old sister, Katrina, is now 18 and has gotten into The Long Walk
  • Scramm's son age 13 joins The Long Walk using the family rule used by brothers Mike and Joe
  • Abraham got his girlfriend pregnant the night before the walk. He never knew that he had a kid, and that kid also joins the walk in 1992 at age 13.
  • Katrina is contacted by Garraty in 1986 age 12 to start training
  • Garraty now trains walkers for The Long Walk, but so far none of his trainees have been picked in the lottery
  • She signed up in 1987 when she turned 13, but did not get picked in the lottery
  • The Major wants the Long Walk to last longer and go further. More money from advertisers. More money gambled.
  • Every advantage is given to optimize how far they go.
  • Drinks replace electrolytes
  • Drugs are allowed that improve performance, mask pain - they want the walk to go longer - make more money
  • Instead of distilled water, they canteens contain a sports drink with minerals and electrolytes
  • Drug that lets them sleep walk
  • Drugs to prevent blood clots
  • Drugs to prevent seizures
  • Boys and Girls (50 boys 50 girls)
  • No one from Maine, or 3 kids from Maine
  • Fitness test will be harder to pass for more fit walkers
  • Garraty trains some for 1979 but none are chosen in lottery
  • Garraty trains some for 1980 and three are chosen. 2 boys and a girl.
  • Garraty had feet amputated
  • Friends and family can only reserve one spot, that's why you can only see them once.
  • Break record for longest distance with no tickets
  • One character likes to ask "Did you know" questions, spouting trivia.
  • One character likes to ask "Would you rather questions"
  • One character likes to tell knock knock jokes
  • One character likes to tell dead baby jokes
  • One character is Indian
  • The lottery picks the 100 walkers. There is no backing out.
  • The physical and mental tests are far more gruelling. Only a few hundred pass.
  • They are picked 1 year and 1 month before the walk to give them time to train and prepare.
  • They join the support team of the person walking with their same number as a way to learn by getting involved with The Long Walk a year before theirs.
  • First year girls are allowed to join The Long Walk, but few volunteer, so there are only a few in the walk
  • Garraty now trains walkers but never gets anyone picked in the lottery until McVries sister
  • Character keeps asking "Who do we hate now?"
  • The girls will be numbered G1, G2, G3, ... , G50, and the boys will be numbered B1, B2, B3, ... , B50.
  • The walk begins where the last walk ended. Where is that? Cordoned off locals only, anyone, reservation only, TV coverage starts
  • 1986 Walk ended Dedham MA next to Wigwam Pond, so that's where 1987 walk started going through MA, CT, NY, PA, MD, VA.
  • Drug to keep you awake breaks down Adenosine
  • One girl has artificial lower legs - some other walkers complain it's not fair
  • Training is to actually do the Long Walk. Katrina will have walked the entire route and knows where the trouble spots are
  • Special socks prevent blisters, and walking shoes ventilated to keep feet dry from perspiration, and dry faster after rain
  • Walking poles
  • Poncho for rain
  • Required to report to the start a week early so you can be rested and your body clock can adjust if changing time zones
  • Maybe the boys to walk are kept in a dorm for a week and get to know each other, make friends, form alliances, before the walk
  • Some technology so they always know how many warnings they have, their current timer, time left to lose a warning
  • Explore how parents cannot stop their children from entering the lottery
  • Katrina's parents don't want her to do the long walk. They lost their only son. They don't want to lose their only daughter.
  • Security had increased and all packsacks were checked for weapons and poisons. No food or cigs were allowed after the McVries incident. Cigs were provided with food-belts if you requested them when you chose which foods you wanted on your food-belt. It was discovered that McVries had poisoned many people with food and cigs he brought, causing the death of Olsen, Baker, Barkovitch, Curley, Stebbins and more.
  • Once the Long Walk breaks the distance record, no more drugs are given. They want the record broken each year, but not by much, to give the next year a better chance of breaking the record again.
  • Use the actual weather in 1988 from May 1 on, for Maine and the areas they walk through
  • Strategy: A group of walkers could push a walker off the road so the victim gets their ticket. Each walker in that group would get a violation-warning for interference.
  • There should probably be some rule that says if you cause someone to get a ticket through your physical actions, then you will get a ticket too.
  • I would imagine that all walkers are being filmed at all times with video tape so if an incident occurs, they could view the playback.
  • I'd imagine that the edge of the road would be painted with a white line so it would be absolutely clear when someone left the road. You could step on the line, but if your foot was entirely outside the line, you've left the road.
  • You have this as Rule 16 already, but scaring someone off the road while their doze walking near the edge is legal
  • There must be some rule for straight-up murdering another walker like breaking their leg, neck, chocking, blinding, etc.
  • B48 Lewis Tanzos likes to sing Bottles of Beer on the wall every time there's a ticket. 77 bottles of beer on the road, 77 bottles of beer, Shoot one down,
  • 100 idiot walkers on the road, 100 idiot walkers. Shoot one down and walk around, 99 idiot walkers on the road.
  • Instead of hearing warnings, they'll hear something more useful. So instead of "Warning! Third Warning 47!" they would hear "B47 30 down". That means Boy #47's death-timer counted down to 30. When they lose a warning, they'd get an update on their death-timer like "B47 60 up", which means they lost their 3rd warning. If it were a violation-warning, they'd hear "Penalty B47 60 down", so they'd know that their timer instantly dropped to 60 (2nd warning) for a rule they broke. It's timer centric letting them know how much time they have, and if they losing or gaining time. It would also be the computer speaking, because by 1988, they had primitive text to voice technology.
  • Find out what the weather was like in the area they walked at that time from May 1, 1988 and use that actual weather.
  • Suicide walkers who have given up, but decide to take a walker with them, tackle them off the road
  • New rules: Lottery picks 100 walkers 100 backups, rather than 200 that don't know either way.
  • New rules: Walkers and Backups are given one year to prepare.
  • New rules: Siblings of past walkers are automatically accepted if they apply - have pair of brother/sister, brother/brother, sister/sister or 3 siblings even
  • Character idea: The Laugher. Character that laughs hilariously outloud when someone gets their ticket and says things like "What an idiot!"
  • Fan fiction Walker Rule book:
    1 warning - interference, NO assault, NO marks, NO ticket for victim 2 warnings - assault, NO marks, NO ticket for victim 3 warnings - assault, DID leave marks, NO ticket for victim ticket - interference or assault, victim DID get ticket
  • Walkers discuss what they'll wish for the prize and do with the money
  • Different religions + atheist discuss death and the after-life
  • Emphasize that 10 years ago, most of the boys who joined were poor and motivated to get out of poverty, but now it's changed
  • Seven and three quarters miles is the longest a full complement of walker's has traveled. Maybe this year they go 50 miles, unless there's some strategy taking walkers out early.
  • Character: leader type - stands in front of the group before the Major arrives and says they want to break the record for largest complement of walkers to go the longest distance. Of course there are some that see this as stupid.
  • There will be mile markers every mile on The Long Walk so the walkers know how far they've travelled. The signs will also indicate what time it is.
  • You can opt into The Long Walk if any blood relation sibling, parent, grandparent. No cousin, uncle, ant, etc. Cannot be adopted sibling or child. You must opt in before the lottery, so they pick less in the lottery. If you opt in, they don't need backup, so that's 2 less to pick during the lottery.
  • Alternate reality: Include some alternate history, things renamed, things spelled differently. Have something named after Garraty.
  • Conversation between Katrina and her parents to show that the decision to walk is their choice. Parents blame Garraty for being her role-model. Petie gave his life for Ray, so Ray could teach me the ways, so I can win the prize. This is my destiny.
  • No more warnings, no more timer, no more tracking speed, no more chronometers. They'll use pace-cars instead. Actually, specially built pace-vehicles. There will be 5 of them. Two outer, which maintain a speed of 4 mph and a distance of 1 mile, and 3 inner, spaced every 1/4 mile.
  • The reason is that walkers get too spread out for the halftracks and soldiers to cover. Assuming the lead walker is moving 0.1 mph faster than the last walker, this means the pack would spread by 1 mile every 10 hours. So by hour 50, the pack would spread by 5 miles, and that's a conservative estimate.
  • Walkers get a ticket if they are not between the pace-cars when they pass each mile marker. Mile markers will be brightly lit archways that indicate the mile count, day, date, and time, as well as the walker count.
  • Since the outer pace-vehicles are 1 mile apart, and the mile-marker archways are 1-mile apart, the outer pace-cars pass through their archways simultaneously. If any walker is ahead of the lead-vehicle or behind the tail-vehicle, they are given a ticket.
  • The vehicles are custom built but similar to two-level tour busses so the soldiers can sit comfortably on level 2 and overlook the walkers.
  • When a soldier needs to exit the vehicle, they descend to the 1st level, and exit the left, right or back doors.
  • Walkers cannot get a free ride, climb or enter the vehicle.
  • The vehicles have spot-lights that rotate in the sky so the crowd can see them coming at night.
  • The vehicles illuminate the road for the walkers at night with arc-sodium lights.
  • The vehicles never stop. The soldiers exit and enter while they are moving at 4 mph.
  • Walkers can get ahead of the lead and behind the tail, as long as they return to being between the head and tail pace-vehicles at each mile-marker archway.
  • Another advantage of giving tickets every mile is that spectators and TV cameras are more likely to see the tickets.
  • The area before a mile-marker would be reservation only, and the Long Walk org could make money by selling that space to the highest bidders.
  • Space can be reserved after the mile markers for trainers, friends and family of the walkers.
  • This means that a walker could get 15 minutes of rest if they were following the lead-vehicle, then stopped, since 4 mph is 1 mile every 15 minutes, and there is 15 minutes between the lead and tail vehicles.
  • Instead of numbers, each walker gets a sponsor and they refer to each other by their sponsor name
  • Instead of foodbelts and canteens, there are tables setup every mile which provide food and plastic-water bottles which they dispose when done
  • Porto-potties (toilets) are also provided every mile. Timers still count down while using toilet.
  • Walkers carry beepers which send them SMS for each warning, SMS when they lose a warning (indicate new timer value), and SMS every 5 second threshold under 30 and every second under 5.
  • The road and shoulder are clearly marked with spray-painted lines. Walkers and Crowd can interact on the shoulder but Walkers cannot go beyond shoulder and Crowd cannot enter road.
  • How do we deal with girls on their period? Cramps. A girl gets her period for the first time (nod to Carrie? freaks out and thinks she's bleeding). Of course pads, tampons and menstrual cups are provided in porto-o-pods
  • Not just one POV from Katrina? Do we follow Garraty at first, then shift between Katrina and Garraty?
  • Start where The Long Walk ends
  • Garraty is greeted by his mom and Jan then passes out
  • Garraty is taken to hospital and almost dies
  • Garraty's wish - reunite with his dad
  • Garraty's feet are amputated
  • Garraty visits Scramm's wife
  • Garraty visits McVries family and meets little sister Katrina
  • Garraty writes book: How I Won The Long Walk
  • Garraty gets notes from Harkness' book and includes his notes in his book
  • Garraty starts a urinal business in memory and honor of his goals before the walk
  • Garraty volunteers to train potential walkers
  • A family member of a walker gets a free pass into The Long Walk, which is how brothers Joe and Mike got into the walk together
  • Age 16 Katrina McVries decides to do The Long Walk. She discusses it with Garraty who wants her to train for 2 years first.
  • Garraty trains Katrina
  • Katrina uses her family-pass to join The Long Walk at age 18
  • When numbers are being issued, she sees B44 Jacob Scramm, and realizes that the son of Garraty's friend, Scramm, is also in this long walk
  • Garraty meets Katrina every 5 hours for pit-stop for nap, stretch, massage, pep-talk, talk strategy
  • All walkers have a coach and pitstop at the same time. A judge/referee is present to make sure that nothing is given to the walkers. Only aid allowed is massage

Garraty was not alone. The dark figure was up ahead, not far, beckoning. He knew that figure. If he could get a little closer, he could make out the features. Which one hadn't he walked down? Was it Barkovitch? Collie Parker? Percy What'shisname? Who was it?

"GARRATY!" the crowd screamed deliriously. "GARRATY, GARRATY, GARRATY!"

Was it Scramm? Gribble? Davidson?

A hand on his shoulder. Garraty shook it off impatiently. The dark figure beckoned, beckoned in the rain, beckoned for him to come and walk, to come and play the game. And it was time to get started. There was still so far to walk.

Eyes blind, supplicating hands held out before him as if for alms, Garraty walked toward the dark figure.

And when the hand touched his shoulder again, he somehow found the strength to run.

As he approached the dark figure, it came slowly into focus. It was his mother. She was wearing the plain black coat she wore in Freeport. He could see her iron-colored hair.

In a shambling run, he embraced her. "It's over Garraty. You can stop now."

But panic consumed him. He had to keep walking. Had to. He pushed her away, and shambled on. He didn't want his mom to get an interference ticket

Suddenly someone was walking with him. "Where ya going stranger?" He looked over with blurry eyes and noticed the blonde hair. "Stebbins? I thought you bought the farm. I thought ..."

Garraty, my love, it's Jan.

Jan? You're in this too?

No my love, you're done. You don't need to walk anymore.

Am I dead?

You're alive! alive!


You can stop now. You can rest in my arms.

Garraty slowed ... the confusion slowly clearing. "Jan!"

They embraced. They cried. "Can I sit down now?"

Jan helped him down to the cold wet road since he knees would no longer bend in that way, and they lay together, looking into each others eyes, until Garraty fell asleep.

  • B1 Akowitz, Daniel (Dan) age 14 SC
  • G1 Allen, Susan (Sue) age 15 LA
  • B2 Bader, David (Dave) age 16 NJ
  • B3 Bao, Eddie (Ed) age 16 AR
  • B4 Barker, Thomas (Tom) age 16 MS
  • B5 Baylor, Jeffrey (Jeff) age 16 ME
  • G2 Blandon, Skyler age 14 TX
  • G3 Blondek, Chrissy (Chris) age 14 NC
  • B6 Bogen, Johny (John) age 16 PA
  • B7 Brady, Shane age 17 MI
  • G4 Brown, Mindy age 15 CT
  • B8 Burns, Steven (Steve) age 17 GA
  • B9 Capper, Tommy (Tom) age 17 ME
  • B10 Card, Joshua (Josh) age 17 VT
  • B11 Cerbone, Jimmy (Jim) age 16 MO
  • B12 Chan, Cedrick (Ced) age 16 NE
  • G5 Coleman, Yma age 14 GA
  • G6 Cook, Terry age 15 TX
  • B13 Cooke, Gregory (Greg) age 17 OK
  • B14 Cooper, Cory age 14 MT
  • G7 Copperman, Cara age 14 ME
  • G8 Covington, Gina age 17 SD
  • B15 Dill, Glenn age 15 KS
  • B16 Donalin, Steven (Steve) age 14 TX
  • B17 Elliot, Bryan (Bry) age 14 IA
  • B18 Feggler, Steven (Steve) age 14 LA
  • B19 Ford, Johny (Jon) age 15 ME
  • B20 Gaffney, Christopher (Chris) age 17 AR
  • B21 Gant, Doug age 16 WI
  • B22 Garcia, Ferdie age 14 PA
  • B23 Ginns, Russell (Russ) age 16 OH
  • G9 Glazer, Ruth age 17 MI
  • B24 Goldberg, Alan age 17 ID
  • G10 Goodwin, Mary Sharon (Mary) age 15 IN
  • G11 Grizzle, Lisa age 15 WA
  • G12 Halbauer, Veronica age 15 NC
  • B25 Harris, George (Geordie) age 15 PA
  • G13 Harrison, Donna age 17 WV
  • G14 Hartigan, Rosalind (Roz) age 15 GA
  • B26 Hawksworth, Steven (Steve) age 15 WV
  • B27 Hines, Benjamin (Ben) age 17 TX
  • G15 Hugendorf, Maria age 17 NC
  • B28 Hunt, Christopher (Kris) age 15 CO
  • G16 Jablonski, Denise age 17 FL
  • G17 Jansen, Monique age 14 MT
  • G18 Jenkins, Miranda age 17 TN
  • B29 Johnson, David (Dave) age 17 AL
  • B30 Kerchner, Charles (Chip) age 15 RI
  • G19 Kim, Karla age 14 NE
  • G20 Klein, Paula age 16 GA
  • B31 Klozar, Michael (Mike) age 17 UT
  • G21 Kneller, Alexa age 14 MD
  • B32 Kovach, Mark (Iggy) age 16 LA
  • G22 Lang, Robin age 16 IA
  • B33 Lasso, Albert (Al) age 16 LA
  • G23 Ledoux, Erica age 16 OR
  • B34 Lee, Charles (Charlie) age 16 CA
  • G24 Lee, Synthia age 17 WA
  • B35 Littlefield, Jeffrey (Jeff) age 16 ID
  • G25 Love, Joana (John) age 16 OR
  • G26 Mackinson, Samantha age 16 KS
  • G27 Maggs, Barbara (Barb) age 16 VA
  • G28 McCormick, Olivia age 15 AK
  • G29 McVries, Katrina age 14 NJ
  • G30 Meyers, Madison age 16 ME
  • B36 Miller, Greg age 16 MO
  • G31 Moore, Jenny age 15 NY
  • G32 Nagle, Sophia age 16 WV
  • B37 Nee, Brian age 17 NH
  • B38 Newport, Ronnie age 14 MD
  • G33 O'Boyle, Stephenie (Steph) age 15 PA
  • B39 O'neil, Jimmy (Jim) age 17 CO
  • G34 Oakes, Briana age 17 MI (Bri)
  • B40 Overland, Jason age 14 NV
  • B41 Pascal, Rocco (the Rock) age 17 NE
  • G35 Perez, Paula age 14 IA
  • G36 Peterson, Blake age 15 WA
  • G37 Platt, Alexandria (Alex) age 14 MD
  • G38 Popp, Ann age 13 LA (daughter of Abraham from his girlfriend)
  • G39 Reynolds, Natalie age 17 ND
  • G40 Roberts, Charlie age 14 NH
  • G41 Rojas, Raegan age 17 ID
  • B42 Ross, Tracy (Trace) age 15 NC
  • G42 Rothman, Erika age 16 PA
  • B43 Savage, Daniel (Dan) age 17 NY
  • G43 Schragger, Marley age 17 AZ
  • B44 Scramm, Jacob (Jake) age 13 NM (son of Scramm, named after his father, Jacob, so Jacob Junior)
  • B45 Singh, Jitender age 16 SC
  • G44 Smallburg, Lexi age 17 RI
  • B46 Spencer, Theo age 16 AR
  • B47 Spooner, William (Billy) age 16 UT
  • G45 Stern, Jenny age 16 HI
  • G46 Stickle, Laura age 17 IN
  • B48 Tanzos, Lewis age 15 WY
  • B49 Travis, Benjamin (Ben) age 15 LA
  • G47 Turner, Debby (Deb) age 14 DE
  • B50 Tusher, Leroy age 17 WY
  • G48 West, Diane age 16 TX
  • G49 White, Penny age 15 AR
  • G50 Williams, Jackie age 14 VA

I like the idea about Katrina getting healing powers. McVries was Garraty's guardian angel. McVries saved Garraty 5 times! Maybe Katrina starts out as a loner but slowly makes a friend, against the advice of coach Garraty. In the end, it would come down to Katrina and her friend, most likely a boy. It could be a coming of age story. Her first kiss, her first love. Or to be more daring, the friend is another girl. The friend collapses, and is about to get her ticket, when Katrina heals the friend, but it exhausts her, and she can't continue. McVries made the sacrifice for Garraty, and now Katrina #G29 would make the same sacrifice for #G30 Madison Meyers age 16 from Maine. I've already put together the names, numbers, ages, and states of all 100 walkers and there are 5 from Maine. I didn't pick the ages or states. I wrote a JavaScript program to pick it randomly for me. They're all listed on the sequels page. The 50 boys are numbered B1 to B50 and girls G1 to G50. The only changes I've made are allowing girls, and drugs, plus each food-belt is customized for each walker. If you're Jewish, you're not going to want Pork Paste. If you're Hinde, you're not going to want Beef Paste. If you have a nut, shellfish or other food allergy, you're going to have special needs. The Major wants to appear as the good-guy by looking at the statistics of how most walkers get their ticket, and figuring out ways to prevent it. The vendors, advertisers, broadcasters, gamblers, Guinness book of world records, etc. all want to make more money, so they all have vested interest in getting the walk to go further and longer every year. That's why I'm calling it The Longer Walk. By providing the proper shoes, clothing, trainers, drugs, you greatly reduce the chance of blisters, muscle cramps, diarrhea, blood clots, seizures, and most other reasons walkers got ticketed. Strategy plays a larger role, even teamwork, to force someone's timer to zero. It seems believable to me that small changes each year for 10 years could result in all of the changes I'm proposing. I estimate The Long Walk happened in 1978, so this would be the year 1988. They might start with allowing certain pain-killers in limited dosages in 1979 provided with the food-belts. Each year they would tweak the drug provided, like adding anti-inflammation in 1980, then a blood-thinner (reduce clots) in 1981, then anti-muscle cramp in 1982, anti-seizure in 1983, then caffeine in 1984. So little by little, it becomes this wonder drug that helps the walk go a little further each year. 1983 they would allow walkers to meet with a personal trainer twice per day, then in 1985 four times per day, then 1987 as often as they wanted. In 1985 they allowed girls but none got picked in the lottery because so few applied. One girl got picked in 1986, so in 1987, they decided on a separate lottery for girls so there would be 50 boys and 50 girls. So it's a slow evolution, and I think that would be believable.

What if Katrina heals Madison, then passes out from the effort. They both have 3 warnings, but Katrina got her third warning first, so Katrina would get her ticket first if they both just sat there. So Madison throws Katrina over her shoulders and carries her for the next 3 hours. They both lose all 3 warnings and their timers reset to 120 (2 minutes), then Madison collapses from exhaustion. Katrina is still passed out. Now their 2-minute timers are in sync, and they'll both get their tickets at the same time. This has never happened before in the history of the Long Walk. The Major has been following in his Jeep. He calls off the soldiers who are prepared to shoot them both, so there would be no winner this year. There are no rules in place to deal with this situation since nobody thought it would happen. The Major declares them both the winner. This idea rips off Hunger Games. Rules are added later to prevent this from happening. Imagine if all 100 stood at the start and got their tickets simultaneously and they all won. There would need to be a way to select one winner. McVries, Stebbins and Garraty could not have done this trick because their speed is measured to 4 points to the right of the decimal place, so dropping under 4 mph at exactly the same time would be nearly impossible, but Madison and Katrina could do it because one was carrying the other so their speeds are identical.

Dog gets shot and Katrina heals it. It exhausts her, but she's strong enough to keep going.

Flashback to Katrina healing an injured bird

I thought of a scenario where the walkers crash the computer on the halftrack and get a rest period. If the computer is down, nobodies 2-minute death-timer is counting down. The year is 1988, so computers are more limited than today. There's a tech-savvy 17-year old girl on the walk who dated an older guy who worked on the squads as a computer programmer for the halftracks. Those computers run on PCs running the latest version of Windows which is version 2.11. The PC is the state of the art IBM PS/2 which has Intel's latest 80386 chip and they are maxed out with an amazing 128 MB of RAM. Her boyfriend told her that the halftracks can only track about 50 walkers with warnings at a time due to CPU and Memory limitations. The most they typically get is about 30 walkers with warnings. Each walker has two timers. The death-timer starts at 120 seconds (2 minutes) and counts down every time their speed in the correct direction falls below 4 mph. The reset-timer starts at 3,600 seconds (1 hour) and counts down when they have at least one warning. When the reset-timer reaches 0, they lose a warning and their death-timer is reset back to 60, 90 or 120 depending if they have 3, 2 or 1 warnings. The tech-savvy girl is G49 Penny White. She lets everyone know that if they all stop at the same time, it will overload the software and it will crash, so no death-timer, and no warnings, not even a violation-warning because stopping is not a violation. So they do it, and it works! In fact, it works too good. They reboot the computer, and it just crashes again. So The Major is flown in by helicopter to deal with the situation. Each halftrack would need 4 PCs, so each PC would track 25 walkers so there is no overload. The walkers refuse to walk during the upgrade. The Major asks who came up with this idea, and Penny unwisely rises her hand, and The Major shoots her dead on the spot. He then points out that they've been stopped for over an hour now, so technically they all have their ticket. He gives them one minute to start walking again. Anyone who refuses to walk, will be shot. Everyone starts to get up as the Major counts down. They start walking slowly, because their speed is not being measured, so they walk very slowly, just ambling along. This angers The Major further who then shoots B21 Doug Gant since he's trailing behind the pack barely walking, and threatens to shoot more if they don't pick up the pace. The Major is driven behind them in his Jeep at 3 mph as a pace-car and shouts on his loudhailer "Anyone that falls behind my Jeep will be shot!" The upgrade fails, so they go back to 1 PC, then the Major announces "If you try that trick again, I'll order my men to give you all a ticket."

Both Olson and Parker attacked the soldiers and the halftrack and failed. We could have a coordinates attack on a halftrack that works. Walkers then use the carbines on the soldiers then the crowd and other walkers.

Have a scene where a walker escapes into the crowd. He had the escape worked out with friends in case he realized he wasn't going to win.

The teens Garraty trains tend to win and that discourages teens from applying and more backout to the point they stop getting 100 on May 1. When Katrina walks, there are only 42 walkers.

Mention that they will be getting Darwin Awards

At the start, one walker jogs ahead and out of sight

  • Kristin can enter The Long Walk at age 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 but finally does it age 18, the last year she qualifies. Scramm's son is 13 and he enters the first year he is allowed. The story should follow Kristin each year starting age 13 and her struggle to decide to do the walk or not.
  • SCENE: Crashing the computer on the halftrack

    G46 Laura Stickle, age 17, suddenly spoke up. "Raise your hand if you want a rest." Most raised their hands. "What would you say if "

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