Driving Across America

As I drive across American, I'll be taking pictures and writing down stories. The plan is to update this web page every few days, so check back if you're interested in tracking my progress.

I'm bringing my digital camera and laptop with digital cel-phone as its modem. I can ftp from the road to my server to keep this page updated.

Contact Info:

If you want to contact me, you can e-mail me at patcoston@gmail.com.
You can also call my cel-phone at 425-269-5992. e-mail me if you want to be put on the mailing list. I'll e-mail you each time I update the page.

I can also be found on the following instant messengers:

  • ICQ - 13241149
  • AOL - PatLive
  • MSN - patcoston@hotmail.com
  • Yahoo - patcoston
  • Prodigy - patcoston

Here is the current plan (subject to change!)

  • WA - Leave for Burning Man (Issaquah: Wed Aug 30)
  • NV - Arrive Burning Man (Black Rock: Fri Sep 1)
  • NV - Leave Burning Man (Black Rock: Mon Sep 4)
  • NV - Visit Las Vegas (Fri Sep 8)
  • TX - Visit Linda (Lubbock: Sep 12 - Sep 16)
  • FL - Visit Eli (???)
  • FL - Visit Lisa (Orlando)
  • NJ - Visit Parents (Holmdel)
  • NY - Visit Andrew (???)
  • NY - Visit Don (???)
  • PA - Visit Wendy (Bethlehem)
  • PA - Visit Jeff (Bethlehem)

People who I might visit:

  • Cathy (NY) *Confirmed*
  • Heidi (NY) *Confirmed*
  • Parents (NJ) *Confirmed*
  • Andrew (NY) *Confirmed*
  • Eli (FL) *Confirmed*
  • Linda (TX) *Confirmed*
  • Wendy (PA) *Confirmed*
  • Kim (NJ)
  • Chip (NJ)
  • Jeff (PA)
  • Lisa (FL) *Maybe*
  • Dan (OH)
  • Amanda (NH) *Busy*
  • Don (NY)
  • Gina (NY)
  • Sandee (NJ)
  • Wendy (PA)
  • Will (??)

Where have I been?
  • Thu 8/31/0 - WA
  • >Fri 9/1/0 - WA -> OR -> CA -> NV
  • Sat 9/2/0 - NV
  • Sun 9/3/0 - NV
  • Mon 9/4/0 - NV -> CA
  • Tue 9/5/0 - CA
  • Wed 9/6/0 - CA
  • Thu 9/7/0 - CA -> AZ
  • Fri 9/8/0 - Hoovers Dam, Las Vegas

Where am I going?
  • Wed 9/12/0 - Lubbock, Texas to visit Linda

Photo Album:
Plans for Next Year's Burning Man: My brain started working right away and planning for next year. This year I was merely a spectator, getting a feel for what it was all about. Here are my plans for next year.
  • Rent an RV
  • Create a shaded structure off the RV
  • Create a front yard with something for people to play with
  • Offer a gift like a cookie, if they perform a trick for you
  • Have a mailbox so neighbors can leave you messages
  • Make the camp easy to find at night by having a large flashing pole or something else visible from the distance
  • Bring a kite
  • Bring a megaphone to make your self heard
  • Bike - have a bright light on the front to see where you're going at night
  • Bike - put glow on the bike so people can see you
  • Wear glow
  • Wear a costume. Maybe a white or orange jump suit
  • Create some art vehicle to drive around on the playa


Pretty impressed. Felt like I was at Burning Man there with ya. Great photos and you've got a real nack with your writing skills. Keep it up.
Jerry Moore

Kewl reading so far, and since I know you, its almost like being there with you.
Don Halbauer

Please take me OFF your mailing list. Thank you.
Jenny Silverman

Date Created September 15, 2000
Last Updated April 12, 2006
Contact: patcoston@gmail.com