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The Long Walk Movie

THE LONG WALK movie (IMDB Link) will be produced by New Line Cinema,
with a screenplay by James Vanderbilt (ZODIAC) (IMDB / Wikipedia).
Previously, the movie rights to the novel were held by Frank Darabont (THE MIST, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION) (IMDB / Wikipedia).
Before that, George A. Romero (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) tried to make the movie (IMDB / Wikipedia).
James Vanderbilt wrote the script on spec because he loved the book so much, even though he didn't have the rights to it.
When Frank Darabont's rights expired, James Vanderbilt and his producing partner Bradly Fischer immediately snapped it up.
Stephen King loved his adaptation. It's very close the spirit of the book.
New Line optioned the movie.
André Øvredal (IMDB / Wikipedia) has signed on to direct.
Shooting locations being considered are Maine, California, Australia and Eastern Europe.
No news about casting or release dates as of July 6, 2019.
The novel has been compared to Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Death Race 2000, Battle Royale, The Condemned and The Running Man, but was written before these.

The novel is an alternate reality set in the late 70s or early 80s where everything is the same except for some alternate history. America is probably a dictatorship, possibly a dystopian but we can't be sure. There has been no movie set in an alternate reality past where everything is pretty much the same except for one small thing. The closest I can think of is Watchmen, Bright, Bright 2, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. To get around this confusion, they might set the movie in the near future as many synopsis say and toss the alternate reality history.

Article News Links: YouTube News Links: Twitter Links Venmo Links: Jon Lemmon auditions for The Long Walk Who I would cast in The Long Walk movie
Raymond Garraty - Aidan Fiske
(Inhumans (2017))
Peter McVries - Kyle Meagher
Arthur Baker - Webb Hayes
Collie Parker - Diego Miro
Henry Olson - Asa Butterfield
(Enders Game) age 22 (looks younger)
Stebbins - Joshua Hogan
Gary Barkovitch - Nick Alvarez
(Veronica Mars) age 19.
Curley - Caillou Pettis
age 19
Harkness - Gaten Matarazzo
(Stranger Things) age 16.
Percy - Jordan Jarvis
Pearson - Aidan James
Scramm - Jack Beeston
Ewing - Malik Barker
Abraham - Hale Lytle
Gribble - Nathan Arenas
Davidson - Evan Lake Schelton
The Major - Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Mrs. Garraty - Francesca Buller
Janice - Jessi Case
Date Created July 6, 2019
Last Updated October 14, 2023