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Things that are repeated in other King novels, novellas and short-stories from The Long Walk

The first novel that King completed was The Long Walk if you don't count The Aftermath. In some novels, King repeats about 50 things from The Long Walk

I'm only going to list one repeat per novel, novella and short-story. I only include short-stories that were in collections.

TLW = The Long Walk

Blue chambray workshirt
  • TLW: blue chambray shirt
  • The Stand: blue chambray workshirts
  • The Shining: blue chambray workshirt
  • Rage: old chambray workshirt.
  • 11-22-63: blue chambray workshirts
  • Black House: blue chambray shirt
  • Cujo: faded chambray shirt
  • The Dead Zone: faded chambray work shirt
  • End of Watch: Her blue chambray shirt
  • Firestarter: faded chambray shirt
  • IT: blue chambray work-shirt
  • Joyland: blue chambray workshirt
  • Lisey's Story: blue chambray work shirts
  • Needful Things: blue chambray shirt
  • Pet Sematary: blue chambray shirt
  • Sleeping Beauties: blue chambray workshirt
  • The Talisman: blue chambray
  • Wizard and Glass: dusty shirt of blue chambray.
  • The Wind Through the Keyhole: chambray workshirt
  • Wolves of the Calla: blue chambray shirt
  • The Dark Tower: blue chambray shirts
  • The Institute: blue chambray shirt
  • Blind Willie: blue chambray shirt
  • Rainy Season: blue chambray work-shirt
  • Sneakers: blue chambray work-shirt
Alice in Wonderland References
  • TLW: you remind me of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland
  • Christine: white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland
  • Roadwork: bemused as Alice in Wonderland
  • Misery: voice of the Red Queen lecturing Alice
  • The Tommyknockers: Mad Hatter's tea party
  • The Dark Half: down Alice's rabbit hole
  • Secret Window, Secret Garden: Disney's Alice in Wonderland
  • Dolores Claiborne: Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland
  • The Green Mile: White Rabbit in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Dreamcatcher: Alice in Wonderland scale
  • The Waste Lands: Cheshire cat's grin in Alice
  • Song of Susannah: Alice down the rabbit-hole
  • A Very Tight Place: like Alice into some shit-splattered Wonderland
  • The Cat from Hell: Alice's Cheshire had in Wonderland
  • The Things They Left Behind: Alice in Wonderland
  • The Outsider: She demanded Alice's head
  • The Regulators: It's like Alice in Wonderland
  • The Running Man: like Cheshire cats
  • Cell: Lewis Carroll's Cheshire cat
  • Desperation: Cheshire cat grins
  • Insomnia: Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland
  • Revival: grin of the Cheshire Cat in Alice
  • If It Bleeds: Alice at the Mad Hatter's teaparty
  • Harvey's Dream: Cheshire Cat
  • The Breathing Method: Alice Down the Rabbit-Hole
  • The Monkey: a down-the-rabbit-hole sort of door
  • Big Wheels: like the dormouse at Alice's tea party
Arc Sodium Lights
  • TLW: the arc-sodiums above
  • The Library Policeman: A single orange arc-sodium lamp
  • Rest Stop: high-intensity arc-sodium lights
  • Crouch End: glow of arc-sodium streetlights
  • The End of the Whole Mess: orange glow of the hi-intensity arc-sodiums
  • Mr. Mercedes: high-intensity arc-sodiums
  • Nona: glare of the sodium light
  • The Mist: parking-lot sodium lights
  • Firestarter: glare of sodium lights
  • Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption: glow of the arc sodiums
  • Big Driver: white of arc sodiums
  • Willa: brilliant blue-white arc sodiums
  • Ur: glow of the arc sodium
  • Blaze: single arc sodium light
Nape of the neck
  • TLW: the fine hairs on the nape
  • Lunch at the Gotham Cafe: nape of his neck
  • Riding the Bullet: nape of my neck
  • A Good Marriage: nape of her neck
  • Low Men in Yellow Coats: nape of Bobby's neck
  • Ayana: doorknob at the nape
  • The Gingerbread Girl: naked nape of his neck
  • Umney's Last Case: nape of my neck
  • Blockade Billy: nape of my neck
  • Obits: nape of my neck
  • The Little Green God of Agony: nape of her neck
  • TLW: making his flesh goosebump
  • Mr. Harrigan's Phone: broke out in gooseflesh
  • Apt Pupil: rash of gooseflesh
  • The Body: stiff with gooseflesh
  • 1408: gooseflesh all over
  • 1922: gooseflesh prickle
  • The Sun Dog: gooseflesh up his back
  • Hearts in Atlantis: shake of gooseflesh
  • Gramma: broke out in gooseflesh
  • The Raft: marbled with gooseflesh
  • Uncle Otto's Truck: ridged with gooseflesh
  • Bag of Bones: broke out in gooseflesh
Covered with bloody Gore
  • TLW: lathered with gore
  • Carrie: gore-streaked hands
  • Duma Key: congealed gore
  • Trucks: streaked and dotted with gore
  • The Moving Finger: splattered with gore
  • Cycle of the Werewolf: simply a gored
  • Thinner: gore-stained hands
  • The Gunslinger: curtained with gore
  • The Drawing of the Three: gore-streaked relic
  • Finders Keepers: smeared with gore and hair
Why not?
  • TLW: Why not? Why the fuck not?
  • In the Deathroom: and why not?
  • Why We're in Vietnam: why not?
  • Chattery Teeth: Why not?
  • Dedication: Why not?
  • It Grows on You: Why not?
  • Herman Wouk Is Still Alive: Why not?
  • Morality: and why not?
  • The Dune: Why not?
  • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: And why not?
good old ...
  • TLW: Good old Stephen Foster.
  • Rat: his good old pop
  • Everything's Eventual: Good old Ma.
  • Popsy: good old Popsy
  • The House on Maple Street: good old American cable
  • The Night Flier: good old Ray and Ellen Sarch
  • Under the Weather: good old 5-B
Jahoobies and bazooms
  • TLW: Look at them jahoobies
  • 'Salem's Lot: delectable set of jahoobies
  • Doctor Sleep: enormous jahoobies
  • Under the Dome: Officer Bazooms
  • Gerald's Game: burns on her bazooms
Ecstasy of ...
  • TLW: ecstasy of delight
  • The Little Sisters of Eluria: ecstasy of glee
  • Children of the Corn: ecstasy of superstitious terror
Gobble and variations
  • TLW: a high, gobbling sound
  • From a Buick 8: gobbling up the drifts
  • Rose Madder: cockgobbling
  • The Langoliers: gobbling sounds
  • The Mangler: gobbling noise
  • The Lawnmower Man: moan and gobble
  • The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands: screaming gobble
  • The Eyes of the Dragon: screamed and gobbled
  • Home Delivery: Indecipherable gabble
  • TLW: pinwheeling across the soft shoulder
  • The Ledge: My hands lost the wall and pinwheeled
  • Head Down: pinwheeling the bat in his hands
  • Survivor Type: pinwheeling my arms like a madman
  • The Bone Church: pinwheels that hung in the air
  • TLW: Two men in corduroy coats
  • The Man in the Black Suit: brown of the corduroy
  • Mrs. Todd's Shortcut: We went on across corduroy
  • A Death: corduroy pants
  • Bad Little Kid: old corduroys
That was right
  • TLW: Yeah, that was right. Hint Slow and easy does it.
  • Luckey Quarter: Yes, that was right. Nothing at all
  • My Pretty Pony: You didn't do no bitching about it and that was right
  • Gwendy's Button Box: "An umbrella," she whispered, and that was just right.
  • TLW: The sky overhead was tattered and black
  • The Life of Chuck: tattered silk
  • One for the Road: Then the wind tattered it away
  • Mile 81: flesh hanging from it in tatters
By the way
  • TLW: I'm Gary Barkovitch, by the way.
  • All That You Love Will Be Carried Away: And, by the way,
  • Fair Extension: by the way.
  • Sorry, Right Number: by the way
Smile and kiss a pig
  • TLW: I'll smile 'n' kiss a pig
  • The Colorado Kid: I'll smile and kiss a pig
  • Quitters, Inc: I should smile and kiss a pig
Mechanical Rabbit
  • TLW: The little gray mechanical rabbits
  • Premium Harmony: greyhounds chasing the mechanical rabbit
  • The Last Rung on the Ladder: the little mechanical rabbit
  • TLW: I should have read her Swinburne
  • The Woman in the Room: This man is the opposite of poor Swinburne
  • The Doctor's Case: Perhaps it was Algernon Swinburne
I don't give a tin whistle (weasel, or shit)
  • TLW: you probably didn't give a tin whistle
  • The Wedding Gig: I don't give a tin shit
  • Drunken Fireworks: we never fixed it up worth a tin shit
Threw back head and laughed
  • TLW: McVries threw back his head and laughed.
  • Graveyard Shift: Warwick threw back his head and laughed
  • You Know They Got a Hell of a Band: The redhead threw back her head and bellowed her rusty laugh
Is that so?
  • TLW: Is that so?
  • The Death of Jack Hamilton: Is that so?
  • Sometimes They Come Back: Is that so?
Adam's Apple
  • TLW: His adam's apple bobbed
  • Gray Matter: His Adam's apple was going up and down
  • Suffer the Little Children: Adam's apple bobbing
Horn-rimmed glasses
  • TLW: horn-rimmed glasses
  • I Know What You Need: horn-rimmed glasses
  • That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French: horn-rimmed specs
Rimless glasses
  • TLW: rimless glasses
  • The Reaper's Image: rimless glasses
  • Afterlife: rimless glasses
Fake smile
  • TLW: Stebbins smiled more widely, but it was still only an exercise in lip-pulling.
  • The Road Virus Heads North: smiled his best celebrity smile.
  • Word Processor of the Gods: a smile as thin and white and cold as the Amana freezer
But look at this
  • TLW: But look at this: a book about the Long Walk
  • Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling: Yes, but look at this.
no dignity
  • TLW: This has about as much dignity as a mongoloid idiot strangling on his own tongue and shitting his pants at the same time.
  • Night Surf: there was no dignity in it
  • TLW: two men in red-and-black-checked hunting shirts
  • The Reach: Bill Flanders in his red-and-black-checked jacket
Popular Mechanics
  • TLW: Garraty had once read an article about them in Popular Mechanix
  • The Jaunt: The article was published, of all places, in Popular Mechanics.
  • TLW: his tears cutting runnels
  • The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet: the runneled cheeks
Saint Christopher's medal
  • TLW: A St. Christopher's medal.
  • Mute: wearing the St. Christopher's medal
Smell of ozone
  • TLW: air smelling of ozone
  • I Am the Doorway: stench of ozone
  • TLW: jackknife viciously
  • Chattery Teeth: The kid jackknifed backward
  • TLW: his heart pounding at triphammer speed.
  • Dolan's Cadillac: My heart was triphammering.
You bet your ...
  • TLW: Groucho Marx You Bet Your Life
  • Autopsy Room Four: You bet your . . . you bet your you-knows
How should I know?
  • TLW: How the hell should I know?
  • The Ten O'Clock People: How would I know where you're from?
Hail Mary
  • TLW: Olson was saying a Hail Mary.
  • Elevation: had to be a Hail Mary pass.
Better off dead
  • TLW: wondering if they wouldn't all be better off dead
  • Cain Rose Up: wondering if he wouldn't be better off dead
That was the hell of it
  • TLW: That's the hell of it.
  • N.: that's the hell of it
Zip up his fly
  • TLW: zip up his fly
  • Batman and Robin Have an Altercation: allows him to unzip his fly
  • TLW: his pipestem neck
  • Jerusalem's Lot: his pipestem arms
  • TLW: army-type heavy-caliber carbine rifles
  • Battleground: Tiny carbines were slung across their shoulders.
  • TLW: Ever have an enema?
  • L. T.'s Theory of Pets: drain-cleaner enema
Full dark
  • TLW: Full dark had come by six-thirty.
  • The Man Who Loved Flowers: It was full dark now.
L.L. Bean
  • TLW: the last of them had gone past L.L. Bean's
  • Strawberry Spring: from L. L. Bean's
  • TLW: He felt a clockspring of pressure
  • Beachworld: traced the clockspring windings
I think not
  • TLW: "I think not," Stebbins said shortly.
  • Graduation Afternoon: but she thinks not
  • That Bus Is Another World: Wilson thought . . . not.
Face the color of ...
  • TLW: Stebbins's face had gone the color of old cheesecloth
  • The Fifth Quarter: Keenan's face was the color of cheese.
Length of football field
  • TLW: They still had the length of a football field to go.
  • Here There By Tygers: The door was at least a football field's length away.
Fingers laced
  • TLW: hands laced over his side
  • Stationary Bike: laced his fingers together
Pouty children
  • TLW: A hard-faced little girl in a dirty sundress sat on the ground, pouty-mouthed and frowning.
  • Mister Yummy: like a pouty child
Milk truck
  • TLW: They passed a milk truck
  • Morning Deliveries: muffled motor of a milk truck
Smile revealing a few teeth
  • TLW: Scramm smiled, showing the stubborn last survivors of his teeth
  • Summer Thunder: lips peeling back to reveal his few remaining teeth
Struggle to walk up a hill
  • TLW: The hill stretched above them. "I'm just going to rest for a while, okay?" Larson said
  • The Beggar and the Diamond: As he struggled up a rise in the road
Kids having convulsions
  • TLW: a boy in a black turtleneck sweater suddenly had a convulsion.
  • The Boogeyman: You can scare a kid into convulsions.
Revisited by ghosts (my assumption is that The Dark Figure represents the ghosts of the walkers)
  • TLW: Garraty stepped aside. He was not alone. The dark figure was back, up ahead, not far, beckoning. He knew that figure. If he could get a little closer, he could make out the features. Which one hadn't he walked down? Was it Barkovitch? Collie Parker? Percy What'shisname? Who was it? Was it Scramm? Gribble? Davidson?
  • The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates: Yeah, but I can't talk long. I was trying to call you when we went down, and I guess that's the only reason I was able to get through at all. Find your way home, she almost says. Find the right door and find your way home.
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