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This gallery of images is my attempt to convert images so that no two colors are the same and yet have the picture look exactly as the original.

There are about 16 million colors in the 24 bit RGB color scheme. Our eyes can only see between 35,000 and 55,000 unique colors. This means that you will not be able see small changes in color. If there are a large number of pixels of a single color, then it will require a lot of change from the original color and become noticeable.

These images are the WORST results, meaning the output is very far from the original.

NOTE 1: Mouse over and off images to compare before and after conversion
NOTE 2: Wait for page to fully load before rolling over images

40 Images: Showing 1 to 10 [ Previous 10 ][ Next 10 ]

40 Images: Showing 1 to 10 [ Previous 10 ][ Next 10 ]

Date Created November 4, 2008
Last Updated November 4, 2008
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