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About to get on the plane to Jakarta. These Asian Air planes have some amazing designs and colors

On the plane with Kelly

Sparks Hotel. It was low budget yet very stylish and colorful plus the staff were very friendly and helpful

Tiny taxi. Notice the woman carrying a baby and there is no window

My awesome friend Dian who showed us around the first day

Traveling with us to Jakarta is our friend Ronny. He is deaf just like Kelly

Dian took us to Chinatown where she had us try a wide variety of foods we had never tried like this delicious cold jello drink

Ronny, Dian and I walking thru the narrow streets of Chinatown

The buses were very modern. They had platforms with sliding doors. You paid at a toll booth then waited for the bus

Getting on the bus from the platform

Bus was air conditioned and very modern

Kelly on the bus. Notice the clever placement of ad on the hand hold

Dian did not think we could all fit into a small taxi but Kelly sat my lap and we squeezed in together

Woman selling baskets

It was very hot and humid. I am enjoying a cold Coke. I learned afterwards that you must return the bottle to be reused

This man crawls under the table to stand in this small hole to sell the vegetables

More deadly fruit. It is OK to eat. It appears it can be used as a weapon

There were thousands of these small shops on the side of the road

Small child working. I am not sure what he is selling. Maybe pre-paid phone cards

Kelly and I visited Seaworld in Jakarta

I am still puzzled why they build open drainage instead of using underground pipes

We waited a long time in a long line for a 4D show that was pretty good

Workers napping in the afternoon

My friend Lucy and her husband

Lucy and her husband treated us to a wonderful dinner. I wish we had more time to meet more of my Indonesian friends

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