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Hiking from Rialto Beach to Lake Ozette in Washington with Dave. Behind Dave is the famous hole in the wall at Rialto beach

Feeling strong only 30 minutes into the hike

Dave takes a break drinking some of the only fresh water on the trip

Pat basking in the light of the sunset

Beautiful sun-set as we setup camp

I forgot the tent poles but we figured out how to string up the tent somehow

We camped behind these logs to protect us from the log filled killer high tide

Dave checking the map trying to figure out where we are and how far we have to go

Second day packed up and ready to go with the last of our water

We had to walk across slippery rocks many times. We always hiked at low tide

Huge trees lined the beach

A tree about to join the other logs on the beach

We had to climb over a hill. We camped out while the tide came in and out

A group of hikers braving the incoming high tide

A view of the beach from high up

Relaxing until the tide goes out

Dave self portrait

These trees were like some kind of amazing artwork

Tide coming in forcing us to hike over larger rocks

Sometimes we were forced to hike over the logs

Dave ventured into the woods to find fresh water

This rope made it much easier to hike down this hill

The beach ahead. The silt from the water clogged my water filter so we were unable to filter our water

The tide forcing us to climb over large rocks

We got to see some interesting marine life in the water pools

One of the rare sand beaches. It was a pleasure to walk on something smooth and soft

These giant trees were amazing

The patterns formed by the tide worn wood were like artwork to me

We were forced to boil our water since we could no longer filter it

Dave cooking his famous oatmeal for breakfast

The final and third day we were pretty tired and sore. We took a lot of breaks

The rain would start and stop the whole trip. We came prepared though

Yet another hole in the wall

More slimy rock with lots of sea life

Lots of logs block our path ahead

The beach was just large rocks which made it really hard to walk

Time for a nice long break

Some kind of hawk

Lunch time. Dave was the cook

The beautiful beach ahead. we wondered how were going to get over those rocks

That is one HUGE tree

climbing on moss rocks

This part was very physically demanding

Feet getting wet

Time to climb thru this hole

Birds lived in those holes

This section was super rocky

The easy way around was to walk thru the water

Forget about waiting for low tide. We were close to the end and pushing hard

This part involved a lot of rock climbing

Its not good to have wet feet on long hikes. You get blisters

Some major erosion

More rocks. Ouch

Im quite exhausted at this point and loving the flat sand to walk on

There were some small streams to cross

That hill in the distance is the end

Time to venture into the woods

The hike thru the rain forest was beautiful

Sites like this were so surreal

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