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Bicycle pit (1980)

Bob Woods previous winner of Jag World Championship (1980)

Brad Platt in blue with his father on the left (1980)

Denny Davidow in the lead followed by Anthony Sewel (1980)

Denny Davidow team Skyway (1980)

Hanging bike (1980)

Jason Jensen team Torker (1980)

Lee Medlin, Oz, RL, Toby Henderson (1980)

Messy hotel room (1980)

Mike Poulson (1980)

Perry Kramer leading Tinker Juarez (1980)

Richie Anderson crashing right before the finish line hit photographer standing to my right on wrong side of railing (1980)

Richie Anderson leading with Franco Perino in second (1980)

Richie Anderson power wheelie out of turn one while Oz from BMXA jumps aside (1980)

Richie Anderson team Patterson (1980)

Sal Echel left and Keith and Brad Platt (1980)

Stu Thomsen and John Crews lead the Redline team (1980)

Team Thruster (1980)

Timmy Judge (1980)

Timmy Judge independent waiting for his moto (1980)

Timmy Judge winning the World Championship (1980)

Toby Henderson team Raleigh (1980)

Torker Team (1980)

TV set covered in stickers at Hotel (watching the Hulk) (1980)

Unknown rider but very cool looking (1980)

25 Pictures