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Meeting James mother sister and nephew at airport

Eating lunch at Perkins with James father, nephew and niece





Home of James parents

Shane walking up driveway of James parents home

View of house of James mom and dad

Welcome to USA balloons

Kelly and James mom

Kelly trying water fountain for first time while Shane watches

Halloween costumes at park

Kelly James Shane and James mom visiting park

Kelly showing how to fish

Visiting long peer

Kelly holding many different color leaves of Fall season

James dad trying chicken sandwich with fries

James enjoying thick steak after missing it while in Malaysia

James mom having a very large Mexican salad

Kelly trying some Italian noodles with cheese

Indian corn has many different colors

Indian corn is very hard

Kelly and James mom on hay ride

Kelly and very large pumpkins

Kelly holding her small pumpkin among larger pumpkins

Many strange vegetables

Strange corn

Strange vegetable

Kelly and Shane fighting the wind at the beach

Kelly and Shane at the top of the light house at Sandy Hook park

Light house at Sandy Hook park

The view from the top of the Sandy Hook light house

Statue to remember the Vietnam war

Visiting museum about the Vietnam war

Buying food with automated checkout

Train to New York city

Vending machines to purchase train tockets

A view from the Empire State Building

Boat to Statue of Liberty

James and Kelly atop the highest building in New York city named Empire State building

James buying some peanuts

Kelly admiring the view from the Empire State building

Kelly and artist who writes names in beautiful letters

Kelly gets her name painted in beautiful flowers and animals at the Statue of Liberty

Policeman on horses at the Statue of Liberty park

Two bicycle taxis in New York city

View of New York city where Twin Towers used to stand before 911

View of Statue of Liberty

Highest and fastest rollercoaster in the USA named Kingda Ka

Kelly at the Great Adventure amusement park showing the map with huge wagon behind her

Gang of bikers

Police question some bikers

Directory of JFK Airport and flight arrivals

Each seat on the plane from Bangkok to the USA had a TV screen. One channel showed our current path. This shows how our plane flew over the North pole

Kelly's feet do not touch the ground as she attempts to sit on these seats at the airport. She feels too small for America

Phone booths at JFK airport. Some had screens for Internet connection. James checked his email

Street cleaner at airport. Kelly has never seen this in Malaysia

Verrazano bridge on the way home from the airport. We can see this bridge lit up at night from New Jersey shores

Chips! Kelly has never seen this in Malaysia

Washing machine in the home. Kelly has never seen a washing machine in the home

Visiting Great Adventure for the day. It was a cloudy day but this kept most people away which meant short lines for rides!

Interesting looking fern

Kelly's first garage sale. We had arrived late so they were giving things away for free. That is Shane who is very happy because he is finding a lot of toys

Combination lock on car. Kelly has never seen this in Malaysia

James showing how the outdoor showers by the beach work. Kelly has not seen these in Malaysia

James sitting in a port-a-pod which is a portable toilet. Kelly has not seen these in Malaysia

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