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Postal truck

Kelly riding the bus in New York

Windmill fast food, sunset, strange flower, famous dish that discovered echo from big bang

James at work

Pictures from all around Central Park in New York City

Kelly trying a Greek Gyro for the first time

Kelly sees snow for the first time plus people walking on ice

Spending time with James mom visiting friends, helping people and playing music

Naked Juice

EZ Pass Toll booth lets you drive through without stopping

Halloween in New Jersey

Kelly and Music Juke Box at Diner in New Jersey

James father blowing leaves

We went driving to look at the changing of the leaves in fall

Kelly on a very cold windy rainy day walking along the sea wall

Somerset church, Kelly and Pat with Pastor Miller, the deaf interpreter and her husband and deaf couple and kids

Kelly moving a stick on a hike in a park in New Jersey

17 Pictures