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Season 1 Follow That Dinosaur - every season Holly grew taller and her clothes grew with her

Season 2 The Longest Day - holly growing taller along with her clothes

Season 3 Timestop - Holly really sprouted in season 3 and her clothes fit perfectly and were always clean and we never saw any wear and tear

Season 1 The Paku who Came to Dinner - Holly has a jacket for one episode

Season 1 Circle - more clothing

Season 2 Blackout - everyone has a coat to wear - Holly brought 2 coats since she lost her other coat in Season 1

Season 3 After-Shock - Suddenly they have these bright green water bottles

Season 1 Will always wears this blue shirt

Season 2 Wills shirt is brown and he has a vest

Season 2 - Will only wears his vest half of the time

Season 2 - The blue shirt appears in one episode

Season 3 he wears his brown shirt and we never see his vest again

Season 1 Spencer Milligan plays the dad

Season 2 Spencer Milligan plays the dad

Season 3 Ron Harper plays Uncle Jack replacing Spencer Milligan as the dads brother

Season 3 Cornered - Will plays his home made guitar for the first time

Season 3 Ancient Guardian - Will playing guitar the second time

Season 3 Medicine Man - Will playing guitar for a third and final time - Every time he played it sounded like a professional studio recording

Season 1 The Circle - they go home but another version of them arrives. The paradox is resolved so Enik can go home but stays for Season 2 and 3

Season 1 The Circle - last episode of Season 1 they return home and another version of them arrives but the cave is barren - where is all their furniture

Season 3 the cave gets destroyed in an earthquake so they move into this template

Hollys reaction to fear in Season 2 and 3 is this bug eyed expression - I think she took acting classes

Season 3 - Hollys bug-eyed reaction to fear

Season 3 - Richard Kiel plays Malak in two episodes and is simply horrible - its not clear why the Sleestak fear him

Season 3 The Repairman - a human repairman appears to fix the pylon even though the sleestak built the world - makes no sense

Season 3 Medusa - they start exploring mythological themes like Medusa

Season 3 The Flying Dutchman - now folklore makes its way into the story line - they are really reaching

Season 3 Abominable - more mythology appears in the story line

Season 3 Ancient Gardian - they reuse the suit from the Abominable snowman episode

Season 3 Abominable - more mythology - they find a unicorn

Season 3 Scarab - more mythology

Season 1 The Sleestak God - the Sleestack are walking about in the sun light - Later it is established that the sun hurts their eyes

Season 1 Downstream - they almost die going down this stream yet at the end of the episode they tell this miner to follow the stream back to his cave

Season 1 the Sleestak had this bow and arrow weapon which disappeared for seasons 2 and 3

Season 2 The Musician - people complain that Cha-Ka learns broken English in Season 3 - But he did get an intelligence boost in Season 2 The Musician

Season 1 they had lighter. Season 2 there is no mention of how they make fire. Season 3 they rely upon Uncle Jacks matches

Season 3 - Sleestak leader speaks English - Season 2 The Longest Day the dad and Sleestack hung out in the library of the skulls and could talk to each other

Season 2 The Pylon Express - sound effect of pylon is the same sound effect used in Lost in Space Season 2 episode Wreck of the Robot

Holly sticking out her tongue

Holly looks up and makes a face at the film crew

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