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Examples of Improving Algorithm

[ Grinder Girl ]   [ Iron Man ]   [ Dominoes ]

Original - This picture was original a gif file with 256 unique colors.
The images is 1152 x 864 which gives it 995328 pixels so the resulting image
must have 995328 unique colors. It must go from 0.03% unique colors to 100% unique!
Unlike Grinder Girl and Iron Man, this image had no hidden colors. It was all grey.
Notice how the far dominoes are blurred out of focus. Any type of blurring reduces the
unique color count whether it's focus blur, motion blur or something else.
Blurred areas are therefore very hard to convert to all unique colors.

Dominoes Original

Version 1 - Lots of noise as you expect because of the huge deviation going from
256 unique colors to 995328 unique colors. Notice how some areas are free of noise.
There is obviously some threshold passed at those borders.

Dominoes Version 1

25% Noise Added - The image below was not converted to unique colors but has 25% noise added.
Adding noise before converting helps smooth out the overall noise.

Dominoes 25% Noise Added

Version 2 - This image has 995328 unique colors and the noise is evenly distributed. Some colors begin to emerge because of the huge color deviation that must occur.

Dominoes Version 2
Date Created November 4, 2008
Last Updated November 4, 2008
Contact: patcoston@gmail.com