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Iron Man


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Who is Iron Man?

Original - The original picture shown below looks like it has a black background but
the entire picture is actually full of green which you can't see until the colors deviate far enough from their original color.

Iron Man Original

Version 1 - This was by far the largest picture I had converted up until that point.
My program was not yet speed optimized and it took over 3 days.
Because this was a dark image, there was not a lot of color variation
so to make every color unique, there had to be a lot of deviation from the original color.
You can clearly see the jpeg artifacts (squares).

Iron Man Version 1

Version 2 - The version below is my best version yet but it still needs work.
You can still see the jpeg artifacts. The green is not that evident but still present.
I just need another breakthrough in my algorithm to take this picture to the next level.

Iron Man Version 2
Date Created November 4, 2008
Last Updated November 4, 2008
Contact: patcoston@gmail.com