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Grinder Girl


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Who is Grinder Girl?

Original - that white background is not actually white. It's a light purple and full of noise you can't see

Grinder Girl Original

Version 1 - the earliest version of my algorithm produced this output.
Notice the jpeg artifacts (small squares) and dark patchy areas
Still, I did succeed in creating an image close to the original
where no two colors are the same.

Grinder Girl Version 1

Version 2 - later versions smoothed out the jpeg artifacts but the colors are still blotchy and grainy

Grinder Girl Version 2

5% Noise Added - I discovered that if I add noise to the image before I convert it,
it smoothes out the blotches. This is the original image with 5% noise added.
What's amazing is that you can hardly see the noise and yet it has a huge effect.
Below this picture is the converted image with 5% noise.
The amount of noise needed to smooth out the blotches varies from picture to picture.
Some need as much as 25% noise added to get good results for example these Dominoes.

Grinder Girl 5% Noise Added

Version 3 - 5% noise added and the background is grainy but even.
The blotches and jpeg artifacts have been smoothed over.
There are no two colors the same and it looks pretty good when compared against the original (shown below)
Notice that the background is the only thing that got grainy.
Grinder Girl looks identical to the original. That's because there is more color variation
in Grinder Girl so the colors do not deviate far from the original.

Grinder Girl Version 3


Grinder Girl Original
Date Created November 4, 2008
Last Updated November 4, 2008
Contact: patcoston@gmail.com